Weekly Photo Challenge: TWIST!

With a twist… An unexpected outcome. A tree mooning us is a twist, sunny side up.

a mooning treeAnd if you really look close, you’ll see the tree sticking its tongue out, with a small nub of a nose. I was tempted to add cartoon eyes to finish off the tableau!

A gallery of birds parked upon a no parking sign…

no parking except for the birdsBottom right bird: “Hey Bird, what do you think that sign says?”
Bird next to him: “I don’t know Dude, but I have such an urge to poop on it.”

A truck speeding down the highway with the gas pump still safely stowed away into the gas tank.

fuel pumpIn a hurry to leave? Do you think he gassed and dashed?

To me, seeing something with a twist means catching the humor in stuff that had no intent on being funny.

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s photo challenge is TWIST: “something unexpected that surprised, shocked, or startled you. ” This was a bit more challenging, but a lot more fun!


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