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Blogger Meetup: My Cherry was Popped!

I joined the San Diego Bloggers MeetUp group in January. We finally had our 1st Meetup this week since the day I joined the group. Yay!

A List of Firsts:

  1. Orange Wheat BeerFirst SD Bloggers Meetup;
  2. First face-to-face meeting with other bloggers;
  3. First time at Native Foods Café (not the last time);
  4. First time drinking an Orange Wheat Beer (certainly not the last time).

The Meetup group is run by local social media King DowntownRob. The group hadn’t met in over a year, the invite was for foodie bloggers. I love to eat, plus I’m a blogger = win-win.

If you’ve never been to Native Foods Café: wait no more. Hunt one down and make a date with awesome.  Do start with the Saigon Rolls, you will not be disappointed. Especially if you water those bad boys down with a tasty Orange Wheat beer! Because this location is newly opened, we were invited as a hashtag party promoting #NativeFoodies. Such fun! The whole time I kept thinking “You mean I get to eat – for free – amazing food, chat about blogging, AND tweet my thoughts and post pics on Instagram? Pinch me!” Yeah, heaven!

What Native Foods Café boasts is organic food with all homemade sauces. If you ask my opinion: (which technically you didn’t, but since you’re reading my blog you do have to admit that you want it) this is Trader Joe’s meets home cooked goodness with a fresh attitude.

And I do love Trader Joe’s! And eating home cooked meals. And I love me some fresh attitude!

My only disappointment in my first Meetup with the SD Bloggers was the setting. It wasn’t really conducive to sharing with a broad audience. Sorry, that’s coming out wrong. Most other Meetups I’ve been to, we were exclusive to our location. I’m still not being clear. The restaurant had many of us, the bloggers, but also its regular clientele.  Being so deep into my shell, I didn’t feel comfortable in walking up to a variety of tables and just chatting with strangers. What if they weren’t part of our group? I know. I’m so lame.

I did make wonderful new friends (Hi Erika and Elaine)! And I now have a great place to eat (have I told you about their utter yumminess and my new love: the great Orange Wheat beer?)

What about you, do you have any blogger Meetup groups in your area? What’s your story? Talk to me!

6 thoughts on “Blogger Meetup: My Cherry was Popped!”

  1. Good for you! Sounds like even with the scattered crowd it was a good time.

    I’ve met a few bloggers when they’ve been to nyc. Haven’t been able to match schedules when I’ve been in their cities.


  2. Since most bloggers on WP that I know are not from around where I live, no. Spain, UK, USA, Australia, and one Austrian. I don’t count my roommate, either. We rarely talk about blogging, and he only published two articles almost two years ago.


  3. No way do you need coaxing out of your shell! I’m glad you got to talk to new people face-to-face, though, and meet new friends. Like I said before, I’m totally jealous. Cheers to you!


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