running out of time

Time Is a Precious Thing

Technically speaking I work part-time. From home. My work day does not start before noon. Technically. I’m an early bird and I get up before 6am.

I am overjoyed when I happen to wake up at 7 screaming “I just slept innnn!”

On any given day, the amount of stuff I… stuff into those hours between when my eyes open and when I sign-in to work is insane. I’m a nut job.

I recently posted on Facebook how by 10 am I had taken a bike ride, showered, done 2 loads of laundry (washed, dried, folded, put away), did the dishes, wrote a blog post, promoted other blog posts for Studio 30 Plus, went for a paddle board ride, etc. I can’t even remember the list, but it was exhausting just to write it down. And that’s a typical pre-work kind of day. Sometimes I go to the DollHouse (our roller derby secret layer aka best kept secret in town) and build, or paint, or clean up, or I may even squeeze in assembling a MailChimp newsletter to our 3K subscribers before I actually start to “work”.

I keep telling myself “once I’m over this hump, things’ll all start to calm down.”

«I’ve been telling myself this lie since I turned 15.»

Things will never calm down. This is my life. This is how I choose to live my life.  I’m actually shocked that I’ve made it this far. Throughout my teens I told everybody I was going to die before I turned 25. There was no way I could do this much, everyday, every second, filled to the rim with brim, and keep going. Yet I have kept going.

I just can’t get enough! I’m addicted to life. As a kid I was afraid to miss out on stuff when I went to bed. I stayed up listening to what my family was doing, and if sudden bursts of laughter made their way to my ears I’d run out of my room in my padded pajama feet to ask what happened. I wanted in! And I hated not being part of the laughter and the fun.

I’m a life addict. Please don’t send me to a 12-step program, I’ll run away and break free.

Either that or if I do go, chances are I’ll repaint the room, set-up a volunteer program for them, build them a website, and launch the National Life Addicts Online Help ServicesTM. I may even design t-shirts for the group. And then eat all the cupcakes.

I will never understand people with no hobbies, or no passions… If you need help finding one, just ask, I’d love to teach you on how to bite down on that apple of life!

8 thoughts on “Time Is a Precious Thing”

  1. You can only lead the horse to the trough, it has to drink on its own. Of course, if someone asked you to help them get a more exciting life, you’d assume they’re thirsty in the first place. Then again, why would you need to show a thirsty person where the water is, when you’re in the middle of the ocean? Humans are weird.

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  2. First thing I thought was, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” I’m still surprised when people ask where I find the time to read/write. It’s not a matter of finding time, it’s MAKING time. Life is busy, and time can be precious, but we choose what is important enough to do (just like you’ve said here). I guess that’s the difference.
    You get ’em, woman! 🙂

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  3. I love being busy, and I also love making time to just sit.
    What’s most important is using that time for things that make your life better. Busy doing things you hate will kill you in the end.
    It’s all about balance I think

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  4. i would just like some of your stamina. It’s not that I don’t want to do lots of stuff, it’s just that I am exhausted after the stuff I need to do…by the time I get to stuff I want to do, I’m spent. 😉

    but I loved reading this and I love knowing you’re out there BITING the apple and loving your life. xo


    1. You know the key to having energy? It’s doing fun stuff. The less I do, the less energy I have. But the more I do, especially the fun stuff, the more I am nourished and energized to do stuff. It’s like eating, if you eat a lot on one day, then your stomach gets stretched out and you’re famished the next day! 🙂


  5. I also lie to myself about this on a regular basis! I’m always doing something (not as much as you haha!!) because there’s so much I want to cram in. I think it’s a surefire way to know that you’ll look back on a fun and busy life 🙂 And it makes the days where you do rest and chill even better (I’ve had one of those today and it’s been a delight!)


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