Health Care Act: The Saga Continues

Do you remember that amusing conversation I had with my ObamaCare Technician? Well…

I FINALLY received something from them yesterday. It was late when I ran to my mail service, so I didn’t open the envelope until this morning on account that I was assuming it was my health card and all the information I requested to start paying and start reaping in the benefits.

«When you assume you make an ass out of u and me.»

All the envelope held was nothing I needed or wanted. Basically it tells me to refer to my documents for the info I want.

What the fuck?

My account has been technically active since May 1. To this day I’ve not received health insurance cards, nor any proper documentation, nor any idea whatsoever as to how much I owe them. Yet: good news they’ve delayed the date for when I must pay the mystery amount!

What the *double-pause* fuck?

And now I must call them again, oh joy oh joy I can’t wait to see how THIS call will go!


8 thoughts on “Health Care Act: The Saga Continues”

    1. Actually i added another wtf moment to this chain of events: I just called them. He said (and quite clearly) all I have to do is pay to activate and start receiving all the essential documents. Now why didn’t none of the other customer service reps tell me that in the first place? Then again, I now have to wait another 2 weeks to see the outcome of THAT call! :/


  1. It sounds like dealing with Centrelink here in Australia you get a lot of run around and little answers, my nephews mother rang Centrelink on Thursday to let them know that her son now lives with his grandmother (my mum) 100% of the time and the fool she was talking to couldn’t get it kept saying things like is he being adopted……………no he isn’t he just lives with his grandparents it took a good hour to get the idiot to understand


  2. Hoo boy, now that we are back in the good ol’ USA I am wondering what will happen to us when we start seeing the dermatologists, breast squishers, cervix scrapers, etc. (Oops, I did say “we”, didn’t I? I think Nikk doesn’t need the latter two, much to his relief). I did go to the dentist for a checkup and cleaning after not seeing a dentist for nine months. All OK, and I didn’t have to pay anything??? Dare I say that I now am over 65 and in the “system of Medicare”? Maybe that makes some things easier? Enough ???’s.
    Keep us posted whether the bureaucratic nonsense finally gives you the basic right of health care.


    1. I just realized on that day that my chiro is not covered. Although I do have a sponsorship to help me cover the costs of this service, I was bummed that they don’t think it’s necessary! What is wrong with these people?


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