Bob stands for butterfly

This, That, and the Other Thing

Things have been hectic.


Oh, so funny. You’re throwing some 60’s talk-show humor my way, aren’t you? Ha ha ha. Such a Jokey Mc Jokester. Well, for your information, things should start to slow down. SHOULD. Another keyword such as coulda-shoulda-woulda.

I have, however, had time for some Twitter chat.Twitter Flow of ConvoThis was with Rich. He’s WordPress-Famous and author of If you’re not following him, you totally should. Totes. Ugh. And don’t ever say that: totes. It’s so lame.

Are you with?

And that! What the hell is that, and where did it come from?

«I’m coming with.»

With what? If you’re coming with me or us, just say it. It’s not like we’re speaking German and each word has 20 letters! Why do we need to reduce everything? It’s a language, not recycling.

Go Green – Drop Important Words. Yo.

Ugh! Jonathan is Jack. Really? You Dick! My sister, as some of you may know, is really-really called Marie-Andrée. It’s a French thing. We do that, take two names and combine them to create one beautiful name. Jean-Pierre. Jean-Paul. Marie-Antoinette.

Her American family (Go Packers!) decided the combo was too complicated, so they – collectively – decided to call her Marie.  Andrée, in their minds, is a man’s name. Exclusively. So yeah, my family now has two Marie’s. How fun.

And so creative. “Hi, I’m Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl.” My family’s Christmas dinner is centered around road-kill turkey.  Are you with?

My real name is Marie. But I shortened it to MarrBulls [marbles]. It makes as much sense as Hank or Hal — only mine is more fun!


20 thoughts on “This, That, and the Other Thing”

    1. I guess I’m totally guilty of doing this in French where our talk is like a bunch of words mashed together with a series of apostrophes. I wonder how anybody ever understands us.


  1. I try and find out if people mind shortening their names before using it.
    I work with a guy who gets bent if you contract his name. It’s kind of funny to watch.


    1. He gets bent? Does he actually break out into a yoga routine every time? I imagine that would be really funny to watch. 😉

      My husband’s name is Leonard. You can call him Lenny all day long, he’ll just act like you’re calling him Robert and ignore you. The ONLY time he uses a shortened name is in Mexico where he becomes Leo.


  2. My mother-in-law named my husband Eddie, which typically is the short version of Edgar or Edward. Neither name she liked, and since she knew she would called him Eddie regardless, she figured might as well just give him that name. There’s not much that can be done with “Tara,” or anything I’d approved, that is.


  3. English is nothing for abbreviated names compared to slavic languages. How does Alexander become Sasha? Marie is Masha and Daria is Dasha, those are no-brainers. Nicolai becomes Kolya, however, and Anastasia becomes Nastya.


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