One Word Photo Challenge: Maroon (A Boater’s Nightmare)

This word, maroon, reminds me of Bugs Bunny when Daffy duck yells out to Bugs “You’re such a maroon!” Of course we all know what he meant to say. I use this term a lot. People assume it’s because I’m French that I don’t know the difference. People are such maroons sometimes, aren’t they?

Anchored under a maroon skyBeing marooned is something a boater dreads.

IMAG1278-001I miss the skies of Mexico. I miss the people of Mexico. I miss the life, the atmosphere, the foods… What I don’t miss is the daily challenges of getting stuff. Everything was a constant challenge.

That and well, I need to work. I need to find myself with familiar services and products. And my life needs roller derby… more than I ever thought possible. I’m no longer feeling marooned.

one-word-photo-challenge-badgeThis week’s word is maroon. How do you interpret this in a picture?


13 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Maroon (A Boater’s Nightmare)”

  1. I know NOTHING of living anywhere but here in Canada. A friend speaks passionately of retiring in an ex-pat community in Mexico. I am intrigued by your comments regarding the challenges of getting stuff. Could you elaborate on that? Have you written about it already elsewhere?


    1. Well, we were anchored in a quiet little fishing village. Many of the regular needs could be met locally at the small grocery stores. But anything major, or beyond regular (think watch battery, or half and half cream, or a pillow case) became a full day expedition… Buses (which are an awesome fun experience with mariachis and people selling donuts) take a long time to and from the city.

      It’s an awesome life, I just wasn’t ready for retirement!


    1. We gave up on the half and half. If you buy a can thinking it’s cream because of the name “crema” you’ll end up with something as thick as sour cream. We ended up buying cans of Carnation which are everywhere. Now it’s all we use in our coffee!


  2. it might be the artist in me that the word “maroon” first brings to mind the colour, but I can certainly understand the difference to a sailor


    1. Just last night I actually threw out a “There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom” as we waited for the fireworks. My peeps liked it! And it was in my best Marvin voice, but that goes without saying.

      And thanks on the gorgeous comment. 😉


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