RollerCon 2014

RollerCon 2014: Lessons Learned

As much fun as I can have staying close to skaters and friends from my league, RollerCon is when and where I need to expand my horizons and make friends from other leagues, other cities, and other countries.


Because I can skate and bond with peeps from my league all year long. The more I cling to them at an international event, the less I will force myself to meet new people. Meeting new people means learning new tricks.

I was given a set of wings, I intend on using them…

RollerCon is the ComiCon of roller derby… and then some. Imagine The Riviera, a Las Vegas Casino and Resort filled with thousands of über rad and athletic women dressed in panties, stockings, thigh high socks, covered in tattoos who all share a common love: roller derby. [AND drinking AND partying!]

They really do come from all over. I skated the strip with a skater from Team Brazil (another new best friend), met hordes of Canadians, Australians, Germans, even got to chat and gab madly-fast in French with a chick from Toronto as Mercy (rockstar skater) stared on in utter awe. And because I took on a lead role and managed the raffle sales I made two new best friends from other leagues, and had the honor to work for the beautifully chaotic Ivanna S Pankin – the boss lady behind this incredible event.

I skated in two scrimmages, and thanks to my Canadian passport, I attended a Suzy Hotrod workshop.

Credit: Sports Illustrated
Credit: Sports Illustrated

Her workshop was so sublime I got a picture taken of myself with her, bought her t-shirt, and (for a first time ever) asked for an autograph! The woman is unbelievable. She’s an incredible skater born to do crazy footwork with wheels under her feet. And then there’s her overall attitude in life, I guess there’s a reason why she skates for Team USA.

Do I have any regrets from my first RollerCon experience? This is a tough question. When I was offered a lead role within the main team, I was so honored I took it on not knowing what I was getting myself into. I also had work engagements: from 12-5pm I was locked in my room doing my normal day-job. I worked on structuring and organizing the over 500 donated gifts and goodies around my work schedule from 9am to 10pm every day.

My Facebook feed flaunts me with endless  fun happy pictures from my league mates, pictures from which I am absent. This is the part which makes me wonder how much regret I may have from my over-involvement with the organization…

And I say: no regrets. None. Walking down those hallways and having utter strangers stop me to talk to me like they knew me, telling me how much I inspired them is irreplaceable.

RollerCon 2015: you can’t get here fast enough!


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