Zigzagging Through Life

My life, or as my mother has often said, is like a leaf falling from a tree zigzagging its way down. It’s unplanned. I’m always acting on a mixture of impulse and instinct, and I ever so rarely turn down an invitation or an opportunity.

«I don’t have a bucket list, I am a bucket list.»

I shouldn’t even be alive. But I am… sorry to those who  wish I could *poof* disappear just like that.

A zigzagging reflection on the water
Reflection: a zigzag mast on the water

Of course most of you know: I live on a boat. I don’t go inland much, and when I do it’s with a very specific purpose. My selection of pictures for this theme is not the usual long and winding road..

The lattices of a palapa
A ceiling of a Mexican palapa
hanging clothes in Mexico
The zigzagging of clothes on a line in Mexico.

zigzag rays of a sunI do remember drawing sun rays such as these, with zigzags. This was banned in my school. “Rays are straight! Always straight!”

«Teachers who limit children’s imaginations should be fired on the spot.»

paper mache fishThis is my bipolar fish. He’s happy on the other side, but the other side doesn’t feature a zigzag.

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThese weekly photo challenges are thought provoking. The themes are so open they invite not only great visuals, but introspection.


9 thoughts on “Zigzagging Through Life”

  1. Zig-zaggers are the most interesting folks and although they’re hard to keep up with sometimes, they’re always awesome.


  2. Indeed, teachers should foster imagination. Also, rays of light are only straight when traveling through a homogenous optical medium. If you’re saying “what?” now, don’t worry. It just means they are strictly speaking never straight


      1. Heat is a form of energy with a very high degree of entropy. It does manifest in electromagnetic radiation, which is a wave. But mostly it is a statistical property of matter accumulations, in which case looking at it as a wave is not sensible


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