thawing a boat fridge

Boat Life: Mysteries Uncovered

“You can cook on your boat?” People are always shocked when they realize I have a full kitchen, and make my own meals on the boat. Even more shocked that I actually bake bread when in an anchorage or when they find out we have 2 fridges! One serves more as an ice chest, it’s actually a freezer within an isolated box. It’s in the counter, with a lid we pull off. The other one is a small trailer style fridge in the wall.

Oh the luxuries.

The counter fridge (mainly like a big cooler)
Inside the counter freezer box.

The counter style one is easy and even fun to thaw out, and clean. The steps are simple enough to be demonstrated by a woman with finely manicured hands showing to all how anybody can do it:

  1. Remove everything, and lay out on the counter.
  2. Unplug the drain in the bottom (the water, as all water that finds its way into the boat, drains down to the bilge, and gets pumped out.)
  3. Pull out the kitchen sink sprayer, and hose the fridge down concentrating on the frost covered freezer portion.
  4. Wipe down clean with a shammy.
  5. Return food to the box. Aaaand done.
    Total time lapse: 15 minutes.
Our hole in the wall fridge.
Our hole in the wall fridge.

The one in the wall is a different story…

  1. Flip the breaker switch to the fridge because you’re smart enough to not have it running full throttle as you’re thawing it out.
  2. Open the door.
  3. Grab a beer and drink it to congratulate yourself for remembering to turn the breaker switch off.
  4. Unhinge the stove so it can tilt and allow the fridge door to fully open, and remain as widely open as possible.
  5. Remove everything from the fridge, and lay out on the counter.
  6. Remove everything from the plastic container cabinet to access the large bowl, place the bowl in the bottom of the fridge to catch as much water as possible.
  7. Line the counter top near the fridge with a shammy to sponge up excess dripping water.
  8. Pile up containers of leftovers to stand a small electric heater upon for faster thawing. (See above header image for mental image.)
  9. Check Facebook notifications, get carried away, and have sudden and unexpected need to pee from hearing constant water dripping into the large bowl.
  10. Remember to check in on things, wring the shammy into the sink, knock the heater over, have it land on an egg that is randomly sitting aside and not in its crate, pick up the mess while cussing silently under breath.
  11. Repeat steps 7 & 8 many times over.
  12. Fall asleep on the couch with the lulling sounds of the heater and the water drops.
  13. Wake up to a very wet counter, a large bowl full of water, and a shammy in much need of being wrung out in the sink.
  14. Carefully remove the large bowl avoiding all obstacles such as the standing sculpture consisting of the left-over containers and the heater, wondering why you didn’t simply unplug the heater and move it out of the way, but it’s too late since you’re balancing the large bowl and cussing silently under breath miraculously avoiding electrocution.
  15. Wipe everything down, and return all food products to the fridge.
  16. Unhinge the stove, and finally close the door to the fridge not without first grabbing a beer to celebrate a job well done.
  17. Return to Facebook stalking, and realize much too late that the breaker has not been turned back on and the fridge’s content is now lukewarm.
  18. Turn the switch back on, and again, silently cuss under breath, and return to the couch to contemplate getting another beer.
    Total time lapse: 2.5 hours.

Living on a boat… isn’t it romantic?


14 thoughts on “Boat Life: Mysteries Uncovered”

  1. MARIE! It’s so nice to see you. I have been MIA. Your larger Gravatar looks great! It’s sassy too !




    1. Oh no! That’s horrible, get it fixed asap! We have friends who had a broken fridge for the longest time. I’ve even helped her once haul ice out on a paddle board, it was hilarious, and during some of the biggest waves. 🙂

      At least the greatest memories come from challenges… Kind of.


  3. I have difficulty relating to other things, still in awe of the IRON MAN CHALLENGE, so a fridge is just an annoyance when it does not work properly


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