Silhouette: Sunrise vs Sunset

Can you tell just by looking at an image if it’s a sunrise or a sunset? Do you need to see the setting to know, and judge by the activity, or can you just sense it by the color?

I wonder. Personally I know I much prefer to witness a sunrise than a sunset. Maybe it’s because I’m a glass half-full kind of person, and a sunrise screams new beginnings.

I’m a fan of silhouette pictures, I just can’t seem to get enough of them. It’s like a French movie, the focus is on the emotion, rather than the action. If that makes any sense…

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s photo challenge is SILHOUETTE. Join in on the fun by clicking here.

9 thoughts on “Silhouette: Sunrise vs Sunset”

  1. I like to imagine the colours of a sunrise are softer and fresher than a sunset but perhaps that is just a little whimsical of me. I love silhouettes as well. They can be quite fun to paint


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