I’ve always felt a bit frayed at the edges. Not that I’m on the brink of falling apart, but more that I’m not so refined. As a kid I much preferred my big sisters’ worn out hand-me-downs over new clothes.

truck overgrown with flowers There’s poetic beauty in the used up. The old holds stories. If you stop chasing your tail you will hear them, for the old love to chant their tales.

old vw beetleAnybody with money can go out and buy something new. Anybody with money can go out and buy something old. Anybody with money can buy the stories. But it takes a special kind of love to hold on to something long enough to create your own magic.

hanging teddy bearIt takes creativity to dress up your beaten down stuff.  It takes love to jazz up the disheveled.

PeyrepertuseIt takes a special dedication to transform ruins into museums without adding the kitsch of lights and Ferris wheels.

«It takes love. And dedication to care for the frayed.»

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s photo challenge is FRAY. According to Vastly Curious’ post, I totally missed my mark on the real meaning of fray – pay her a visit, she’s awesome. As for me, I don’t care, I went with the feeling of frayed. See more additions to this week’s prompt here!


8 thoughts on “Frayed.”

    1. Honestly, I know what you mean (about the hanging bear) but I think it was their way of announcing a child’s birthday party. Yet it was so eerie. Frayed…


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