not good enough

Never Quite Good Enough

One thing most over-achievers probably have in common is the sensation that they will never be good enough. It’s their drive, their push and motivation to do more. To be more. They’re the first to raise their hands and volunteer to help, and always the last ones to leave.

They have a voice inside, a chilling screaming voice reminding them how others are better.

They pick up other people’s messes, and because they are seen with a mop they silently take the blame for the spills. So they try harder, and achieve things faster. Yet, they are never quite good enough.

Others are celebrated for simply trying. While the over-achievers are told to quiet down. Most assume over-achievers have it easy and are too annoying to be celebrated.

So they do better. And their voice screams louder pointing out their own flaws. It never gets tired, the voice is always poised and ready to jump in. The voice has many fingers to point, which is odd because they all point in the same direction, the voice only needs but one small finger.

If the over-achievers of this world could put the same effort in pleasing others, in helping others, in doing stuff to impress others toward simply just being — then, wouldn’t that just instantly solve all their problems?


8 thoughts on “Never Quite Good Enough”

  1. Ok, so you just unmasked me to a T. Thanks, I need that this Monday morning. I’ve been beating myself up about something all weekend and need to let it go.


  2. “First with hand up, last to leave.” Yes, that’s accurate. 25 might volunteer to work on a project, 4 do all the work, 1 of the 4 takes full responsibility. As the character ‘Adrienne Monk’ says of his OCD: “It’s a curse and a blessing.” The same can be said of overachievers. Great piece, Marie


  3. The problem is being labeled an “over-achiever” when you are not. That is what turned me away from school. Teachers constantly made a fuss over me, over my work. They tried to make me skip second grade, but they didn’t ask, they just assumed that “skipping a grade” would be a badge of honor for any kid! But not for me. I didn’t want the attention. It kept going like that until I quit school altogether. I have been told that my 11th grade English teacher still uses an essay I wrote as an example as part of his curriculum. When you’re labeled an “over-achiever” but you truly don’t believe you fit the bill, it tends to make one…. hide. So nobody finds out how stupid you really are.


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