Nighttime: Le Pays Cathare

I was lucky enough to find work with a French winery for the annual vendanges. I was even luckier to land on a smaller artisan family owned winery in the South of France near the border of Spain. I made and drank some of the best wine for 5 weeks.

During this time, I’d often hike up the hill to sit in this ruined chateau, and look over the valley. And I’d daydream about how life once was…

Chateau de Padern nuitThis was in the heart of the pays cathare. A land loaded with loaded history where people were burned and killed for their religious beliefs. I’d love to say how times have changed.

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s photo challenge is NIGHTTIME. Take the challenge of snapping a nightly pic.


5 thoughts on “Nighttime: Le Pays Cathare”

  1. AH les souvenirs des vendanges. Toi, les images dans ta tête sont merveilleuses, et tes souvenirs sont joyeux. Tu ne regrettes pas ce qie tu as fait, mais je suppose que dans certains moments tu regrettes de ne pas avoir fuit la société pour rejoindre le cirque. Mais , je me trompe, il me semble que tu es plus près du cirque que le reste des humains.


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