Everyday, as I ride my bike to work, I ride by this sign. Everyday, as I ride my bike to work, I want to stop and take a picture of this sign. I like to invent creative things this sign could say. It’s a sign for boats, obviously, since it’s facing the harbor, not the land. But maybe it’s not for boats, maybe it’s for ducks and pelicans. Or maybe not.


Now mind you, I’ve seen signs like this one many times as we sail the harbor – so I know the answer. But where’s the fun in that? Nowhere. Where is it? NOWHERE! Imagination is much more fun.

This morning, as I looked into the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge I decided NOW was the time to take the picture I’ve been wanting to take for months. If you allow your imagination to take control in a playful manner, where does it take you?

What should this sign say?

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s photo challenge is SIGNS.


11 thoughts on “Signs”

  1. since the sign faces the water, (as you’ve said), perhaps it can be silly, and say slippery when wet! (like road signs for cars)….or perhaps it can be for mermaids, and say Ariel Point….or even sillier for boaters: LAND. On the Rockes. Frappeed and blended four miles further….. How fun to get a sign from you, which you got from a sign, to ‘start the creativity flowing’.

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  2. “Birds Only”?
    I bet it doesn’t show what one sign showed in Chacala: an outline of a figure with a huge rump shown from the back, with black blobs coming out and a big X through the image. Yuk! We couldn’t believe we saw it!


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