Going Down

I’ve been such a jackass lately. Too much work, not enough sleep, I feel like I may just be on the verge of a total downfall…

i'm going down

Descent. Watch me fall…

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10 thoughts on “Going Down”

  1. I could say all work and no play makes me unhappy but who am I kidding I don’t work unless by work we mean run around after my children and grandchildren and doing a shit load of housework day in and day out then I do work but I also play and by play I mean blog and read and write letters to penpals……………


    1. Oh my god, is that you? Yeah, I’m going through a bit of a turmoil, but… I’ll be ok. It’s nice to finally see the man behind the TD blogger!

      p.s. nice honest smile.

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  2. Okay, A) Oh no you don’t! and B) You’re only a jackass if you don’t eventually get back up. And I feel safe saying that, because I know you will totally get back up. So, sure – do what you gotta do. I’m here for ya…


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