There’s an Angle in There Somewhere

I’m tearing off the bandaid in one swift movement and forcing myself to write. Something.  Anything.


This picture was taken during our last return trip home from Mexico. I love the sharp angles the clouds are imposing on the sun’s rays. Of course it’s a sunrise. My favorite time of the day because I love that jittery feeling of a new beginning…

New beginnings: I’m on a new journey right now with a very sharp turn, and I have no idea where it will take me.

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s WordPress photo challenge is angular.


8 thoughts on “There’s an Angle in There Somewhere”

  1. Are you finally joining a real, live circus? Moving to Seattle, for a colder, rainier change of pace? Getting a boring cubicle job? Starting a cooking show on local cable? Getting a lizard? Building a shed for your bike? What? WHAT???


  2. What a teaser (you and the last paragraph). Have been thinking of you a lot lately, will email in the next few days while we’re here in Puerto Escondido near Loreto. Finally have good internet in the little tienda, of all things. Huge windstorm blowing, so if I don’t drown paddling out to the boat tonight, will have a nice long day of internet tomorrow.


  3. That is a lovely photo. When it comes to new beginnings & sharp turns, trust me, I know the feels (that how the kids are saying it now, apparently).


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