Grief is Brought to You by the Letter Ugh

If any word deserves to be considered a 4-letter word, it’s grief. It leaves a bitter taste, comes in waves upon waves in which there are no rules to its flows and sets. You can’t count and time grief’s waves as a surfer knows when the next big one is coming. They hit you without warning, and do not care for proper timing.

“Mam, will that be paper or plastic?”
“Muwah…. why did you have to ask me thaaaaat?”

Dr Kübler-Ross established a well known and accepted 5-step process to grieving:

  1. Denial: who me? no way!
  2. Anger: what the fuck do you mean?
  3. Bargaining: if I eat more blueberries, can I live longer?
  4. Depression: what do you mean all those tons of blueberries didn’t cure me? Waaaahhhhhh!
  5. Acceptance: ok then.

These steps are as true to facing one’s own death, as they are to losing a loved one. But what if the loss is of something other than a life? Such as the loss of a dream, or loss of hope for a type of life?

They say divorce brings its own form of grieving. They say divorce does not observe Kübler-Ross’ well established and documented process. They say divorce is a bitch. They are right.

Sorry, this is not a fictional piece.


18 thoughts on “Grief is Brought to You by the Letter Ugh”

  1. I am so very sorry for your loss, Marie! Indeed, that loss is as hard or worse than others, been there done that. Many blessings, much love and a great big (((HUG))) for you from me!


  2. Having been there, Marie, I sympathize so hard. You are going to get TONS of advice, but know this: the ONLY thing that will make any of this better is time. Sorry.
    ((Virtual hugs))


  3. Been through TWO myself. It’s not easy but you’ll get through, you’ll find that you have been missing part of YOU, and you’ll readjust your life to be your own.

    You’ve got this. I believe in YOU.


  4. a change in the selected path, a new road to explore, a new beginning, what will it bring? open your eyes to life around you, think outside the box, search inside to find yourself, and be true to your own self.


    1. Last week I said what can I do?, my secretary replied what can you do when you live in a shoe!
      well I replied, depends on what kind of a shoe.


  5. I am so sorry.
    Even if it’s the best outcome, even if you’ll bring stronger, better, wiser, lovelier at the other side of it..even if happiness in another form awaits.
    I am sorry for you, your heart, your dream lost.

    And I Love you my friend. I’m here. Always.


  6. My dear Sprinit, I remember the deep raw pain of my divorce. Believe me, the healing may appear unbelievingly slow, yet it is happening. Cell by cell. The laughter, joy, and love that is you will thrive again. Soon! Keep writing. Hugs, Lynn La Vita


  7. If I hit the “Like” button, it ONLY means I admire your willingness to share what must be a gut-wrenching time in your life, with us, your devoted followers. And going through divorce just sucks, dreams lost and the whole fabric of your life gets put together again stitch by stitch. And your bright spirit will shine through that dark crap, I know. Thinking of you, my friend.


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