Low Light – High Life

I spent the holidays with my sister in Green Bay. To save hundreds on travel, I booked my fight to Chicago. This gave me the opportunity to spend a day with my niece in her college town of Milwaukee, and to visit Chicago with a friend.

Chicago water tower at night

My hotel was in the swank water tower district. I had enough time after my landing, and before going to bed for a short brisk walk to check out the sites. It was late. And cold.


My friend had given me a mapped out a trajectory taking me from my hotel to the tower. On my way I saw this ghostly church. It wasn’t on my “guided” pathway, but being wild and impulsive I took a detour.

Not all who wanter are lost.

I may not be in the shadows, but I can still enjoy admiring the contrasts. 2015 = Expect the unexpected.

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s photo challenge is Shadowed. I showcased low light to contrast this crazy high speed life I’m living.

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5 thoughts on “Low Light – High Life

  1. Love, love, love your interpretation of the photo challenge! The contrast is great. Don’t you love being implusive? Adventures w/ my camera are the best!


  2. Great shots, Marie! I recognized these great sites in Chicago right away! You’ll see some shots of Chicago in my blog too. All the best in 2015–Patti

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  3. Ooh, isn’t it about a zillion below in Chicago at the moment?!?!? Sounds like a trip for springtime please!! Lovely captures tho.

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    1. It was actually so mild for the locals some were actually wearing shorts. SHORTS! I was freezing, and some were in shorts. 🙂


  4. if you were freezing and the others were wearing shorts, are you sure you were in Chicago and not in Canada??

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