orange you glad

Orange You Glad?

I know I am! Glad. Glad I’m finally feeling like I’m crawling out of this stupid rut I placed myself in. Glad I’ve begun turning the leaf and taking joy in what I have rather than being all doom and gloom over what I don’t have.

I received this killer group hug from our league’s Junior-junior team. It was as though the universe sent them a collective memo, and they all received it, read it, and reacted to it. But beyond that, I think I just needed to lick my wounds for a bit, and then took action and finally did things I enjoy. Such as a morning beach skate with friends – thanks to one’s insistence I go and skate rather than join a meditation group.  I think he said something like it was time I stop doing this introspection shit, and start socializing again. He was right.

orange you glad

I mean what’s not to love about my life? I live in San Diego. San FUCKING Diego. I have work that I happen to love and enjoy. I do have good friends that love me, and appreciate me. And I have kickass activities such as roller derby and paddle boarding (I just got back from an amazing ride). Life is good.

Orange you glad I stopped with all this oh-poor-me nonsense?

And it also took The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge to throw me even more into this return to my normal positivity with the weekly photo challenge being orange. Orange is a happy color, hence the expression “orange you glad?” That is where it comes from. Shut up.

Don’t tell anyone those aren’t oranges in the picture above. They’re grapefruits. Pink ones. Ssshhh.

orange sunsetThe sun will always rise, and the new day will always bring a new adventure.

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13 thoughts on “Orange You Glad?”

  1. Most people who are happy passed through gloom and doom to get there. One day you wake up, say, ‘Well, this sucks.”, and then you change your attitude because you can’t change anything else and then you get on with it.

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  2. Mesitation isn’t simply introspection. It’s about quieting the mind. And it doesn’t require sitting in an uncomfortable position. I do it while listening to music and running. But yeah, the concentration does usually require isolation


    1. Paddle boarding is meditating to me, so I totally get you. But skating with a bunch of people doesn’t allow for that. Too much chatter. Oh and I did start to meditate – the traditional sit still in silence mode. I’ve been doing it for over a week now, and I think I need both forms of meditation.

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  3. Welcome back to the land of Glad. Knew you’d find it.
    Now your post has me singing Cream’s “I’m So Glad”. Memories of dancing around the little house after finding out I wasn’t pregnant at age 20 and belting out this song.

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    1. Too funny! I did the same thing many many many moons ago. I danced and jumped to the song “Turn it on again” by Genesis (in reference to having my periods magically start, and it worked!)


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