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In the Blink of an Eye

Everything is temporary. When you think about it. Life is shortly lived. Opportunity needs to be pounced on. It’s not really that persistent, and only does knock solamente una vez.

Have you ever crossed a Jehovah witness called Opportunity?

That’s the beauty of life… it’s like the weather in Iowa: don’t worry, it’ll change in 5 minutes! Change is constant, and nothing – nothing – lasts forever. Blink of an eye: ephemeral The passing by of a stranger just as the sun sets, and the waves are crashing at my feet, and I happen to grab my phone, too slowly to capture. He’s gone, just as the moment also passes me by. I took this a few hours ago as I hung out on dog beach — my happy place — with a good friend. As we talked about life, sipping on beers, enjoying the sights, and chatting with tourists… we simply soaked in a fleeting stolen moment. Joy. ………………………………………………… wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s photo challenge won’t last long… it’s ephemeral.


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