A Proven Recipe

I like to believe that I’m an alchemist with the power to change a negative into a positive. And because I like to believe this, I had to do something about that doom and gloom ickiness I allowed myself to plop into… for way too long.

So how does one transform a feeling of void, lack of vision and sense of purpose?

Let’s back up to the basics, and explore the void? Is it a hole, or an empty space? This is similar to the glass being half empty vs half full. In fact, it may even be more important than that. Because how you choose to view a situation you’re living is directly linked to how you’ll behave and feel inside as you experience this particular situation.

A void can be seen as a dark hole. Dark holes can lead to depression, which is what was happening to me. Don’t go there. But, a void can also be seen as a white sheet of paper, or something like an empty room. And what if… a void was the same as a blank canvas?

Artists get excited goosebumps over the thought of a brand new canvas! What we see as something bland, they see the end result.

They see the potentiality of art.

So I decided to look at my life with the eyes of an artist, a nice clean canvas upon which I get to create the new me. Just like doing the dishes is in fact giving my hands a bubble bath and folding bed sheets is an imagined folding competition with Martha Stewart, my void became a blank canvas upon which my new future will be my art.

I’m still toying with the different possibilities. I joined an improv group and we meet up each Wednesday night, which coincidentally happens right after my weekly mindfulness group, and in the same neighborhood! What are the odds of that happening?

As I toy away, I want to explore new things and try stuff I’ve never tried. I’m taking more chances, and exercising my networking skills via work: grabbing more opportunities to attend a variety of meet and greets, and giving public presentations. I’ll even be teaching the basics of WordPress to volunteers at a children’s hospital! All this in the name of work, a job where I get to become all I’ve ever dreamed of being!

I’m joining MeetUp groups lead by life coaches, and plan on exploring all the different MeetUps I can try — like lunchtime sampling at Costco. I feel like I’m packing my bags and holding a globe, playing that spinning game of closing my eyes and poking my finger to stop it basically allowing fate to decide where I’ll go on my next trip.

Life… what a fucking great adventure!

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3 thoughts on “A Proven Recipe

  1. Hey! Hi there! You do sound a little more like your old self. Keep kicking life’s ass and taking names. (And let me know what’s fun while you’re at it!)

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  2. I love your positive outlook descriptions! If everyone took the time to look at the negatives in a positive light like you do, this would be a much happier place!

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  3. Good job. A clean slate is so much better than a dark hole! Thanks for the reminder!

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