Getting Lucky

Why I love working at Sage Tree Solutions

The job is custom fit to size.

I joined the team and the team immediately allowed me to make the job my own. I was initially hired as administrative assistant/office manager. Let’s face it, I’m not an administrator. And when our talks to move our office to another location showed no signs of fruition, I suggested we move to Co-Merge.

Let me take you around a short detour before I continue. Co-Merge is a shared office space in downtown San Diego. We rent a desk, and purchase hours to sit in an open area. Actually, we’re not tenants, we’re members. With our membership comes pretty much everything we need in terms of office space. All we have to do is bring our computer, pick a spot, sit down and work. Everything else is taken care of: trash, cleaning the space, the mail, the photocopier, the fax machine (still a shocker that some still use that), and all-round maintenance of everything. EVERYTHING.

Not a smart move you might say for one who was recently hired as office manager. In a short 30-second recommendation I pretty much made my job become null and void.

I felt confident that my role would bloom and grow into something more fitting of my personality. It was a gamble because I honestly never even addressed this issue with Rich, the owner and CEO of the company. That confidence came from the feeling of trust I received in my first few days at Sage Tree.

I feel respected.

I felt like my thoughts and views were valued. Not only my thoughts, but I felt valued and appreciated. From the beginning I did not feel like I had to jump through hoops in order to prove myself. It was as though my interview and resume alone spoke for my knowledge and experience.

I haven’t been there for a full year yet. And since I’ve been hired, I’ve been through so much personally. I left my husband of 12 years, moved out of the boat where I lived, and moved on land. Bought a car, played roller derby, became production manager for my league, fell apart emotionally, and slowly found my footing once again on solid ground.

They stand by me…

Through all this, my team has stood by me. They were patient when I couldn’t cope. They were encouraging when I limped around because of my chosen pass-time. And they cheered me when I regained my self-confidence and began smiling again.

I told them I loved doing design work, they handed me the responsibility to design the graphics for the San Diego County Water Authority. I told them I loved events, they donated 4 hours per week of my time to help organize SANDcamp (the annual Drupal training event). I told them I wanted to learn to build websites, they paid for my online web dev class. I told them I liked public speaking, they told me to explore any opportunity to do so, and even to offer free training to non-profits such as Rady Children’s Hospital’s Auxiliary. I get paid to do all that?

I’m waiting for the right moment to tell them I want to be a beta taster for new styles of chocolate and see if they’ll pay me to travel to Hershey PA!

Sage Tree is my home.

I get to pick and choose each new flavor of the day. It really represents a new way of doing things on managing human resources. Don’t pick people for the skills they possess, but pick the people you want to work with, and then make room for them. Allow them to bloom into their true selves, allow them to define their jobs, and the return will be doubled, tripled and quadrupled.

I honestly don’t know how I would have managed to survive my last transition. Most likely I would have moved back home, feeling like a failure.

The last thing any woman of my age wants to do is move back home to mommy because of a breakup. Sure… there could be worse than that, but let’s face it — it’s pretty much way down there on the totem pole of desirable mid-age situations!

I dedicate this post to my friend Assaulty who got me this job – the wonderful person behind all this. She handed me her job on a silver platter. She was even frustrated that I had to go through an interview process. “Why didn’t they just listen to me from the beginning? I knew you were perfect for this job!”


11 thoughts on “Getting Lucky

  1. It is better when one has a job one likes and enjoys


  2. Not that I hate my job, but yours / a job in your office sounds preferable to my current. Is there room for a german oddball anthropophysicist sci-fi writer?


    1. Always room for german oddball anthropophysicist sci-fi writers!


  3. It sounds like you’ve found your niche, and you sound very happy.


  4. I want a job like this! I know what you mean about the fax machines. It’s my job in our office to check the fax machine, even when they were the height of modern technology they were still useless!


    1. I forgot to mention that I get to write for our blog as often as I wish too! 🙂


      1. That’s it, I am officially jealous. Can you ask them to open an office in Wales too so I can work for them? 🙂


  5. I am very happy for you and the job sounds perfect

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re great people… always surround yourself with great people!


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