A Two-Hour Dance Blindfolded? Why Not?

Dancing blindfolded? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Right?

I’m doing it tonight. I’ve been attending weekly dance church in the North County. Dance church is in a dance studio, where people dance without pretense, without judgment, and without words for 2 hours.

It’s intense.

And I love the shit out of it. I get so sweaty with my hair flying over and covering my face, but never covering my smile.

And tonight I will be doing basically the same thing, but blindfolded. And it scares the shit out of me. I won’t be the only one with covered eyes, everybody will be blind. Apparently it stirs things up inside. That’s the scary part. What will I discover?

And (why am I starting so many phrases with “and” today?) to top it all off, I’ve agreed to give rides to 3 perfect strangers for this half-hour trip. Again, what could possibly go wrong, right?

I’ll let you know how it goes.


The other day, in a post, I dropped a bomb using the words “I found a lump” but didn’t say anything else about it. Shame on me. I don’t know much other than my Dr isn’t overly concerned. I’m having further testing done today. She said to book two hours. Two hours with technicians handling my boobs? Awesome!

Fuck you cancer, you’re not visiting this body.


Oh and good news: Project Believe is expanding and growing outside of Ohio and reaching all the way to California!

Basically we’ll be giving a wonderful Christmas experience to a small group of teens living full time in a youth residency. I’ve been using the term forgotten youth a lot lately. It makes me feel like Peter Pan. And that makes me laugh because I was not so long ago referred to being a female version of Peter Pan.

Please like our new Facebook Page and let us (or me) know if you’d like to contribute.

What I love about this? It’s so not sexy. There are charitable actions that are sexy like saving puppies and whales. But reaching out to these teens? It’s dirty. Or not dirty, I can’t explain it. It’s just not the typical clean type of charity that attracts the rich and famous when they want to feel good about their wealth.


I’m working on spending Christmas with my family this year. It’s been a while, and I really love being home for Christmas. It truly is my favorite holiday! My mom makes the best French-Canadian everything in the world for this day: meat pie, cretons, liver pâté, stuffing, oh my!

And that’s a wrap!


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