I Have Discovered my SuperPower!

This morning I finally discovered what my superpower is.

As I was completing one of my final morning tasks…

Allow me to interrupt this post with what my morning ritual consists of:


  1. Listening to the sound of the waves before I open my eyes.
  2. Meditation.
  3. Writing / journaling.
  4. Coffee.
  5. Poop (sorry if that grosses you out, but I’d be a horrible mess of a person if that step was skipped, and since I believe in utter transparency, I have to share it too otherwise I’m just a big phony baloney).
  6. Eating something yummy (breakfast is by far my most favorite meal).
  7. Working out.


So, as I was saying about completing my final morning tasks which was to bake a pan of apple crisp to share at dance church, I was tempted to ask a friend if I would like today’s Dj.

He knows them all, and has a really solid opinion on them since he himself is a musician, I value his opinion on anything music related.

Why bother asking him when I like everything! I thought to myself.  Sweeeeeet-superpowwwwweeeerrrrr!

And boom. The moment I drop the mic and walk off the stage utterly triumphant.

    *     *    *

Yesterday I went for a sweet paddle board ride. With my shoulder injury holding me back these past few months I’ve been looking at my board hanging above me on the ceiling with longing.

The longing ended yesterday. I paddled and finally felt grounded once again as I floated on the water.

My shoulder was fine

Carrying the 45-pound board slamming against my no-fat hip 5 blocks to the beach from home was harsh. The walk was uphill. Both ways. In the blistery snow. But so worth it.

I need to be on the water to be grounded, but it’s ok because I’m now aware of my superpower of loving everything. It can be a total blessing, to love everything, but it can have its downsides.

I’ll live with the risks of what can happen when my instinct is to easily and naturally like everything when I first see things, and meet people and try different stuff.


11 thoughts on “I Have Discovered my SuperPower!”

  1. Brilliant. What a concept, liking everything before sampling. That IS a super power beyond any I’ve ever heard. I learned to say I am unapologetically happy (from you). Now I also can take this new ‘power’ to heart as well. Let’s make it contageous. WIsh I were there to have some apple crisp.


      1. You have a relentlessness in your pursuit of happiness, of life in general. It’s wonderful to observe, even at this great distance. Perhaps exhausting is the wrong word. I have energy envy!


  2. since you brought up the poop, i poop at least twice every morning before i even leave for work. usually first thing after i make coffee. then again about ten minutes later after a glass of juice. then about an hour or so later. then likely once more before the day is over.

    my basic diet is:
    7am scrambled egg sandwich, coffee
    10am banana
    12pm grape tomatoes, pepper slices, carrot slices
    2pm possible pork, steak, or chicken leftover from previous dinner
    4pm apple or orange, coffee
    7pm pork, steak, or chicken
    wine wine wine wine wine


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