Leap and the net will appear

Change is Good?

2015 is the year where all was changed in my life. Other than a sex change (which is not in my cards, and I don’t even know why I threw that out there) the only major change remaining was my job.

So I did it.

My head is still spinning from that decision. It was a major one. First of all, I am the kind of person who remains loyal to a T to her employers. I stick it out, to the end. Always. I’m not the kind to just kick up and leave when I don’t get my way. And I’m not the kind who just runs off when more money is waved in her face. Ever.

This job change was a really hard – soul searching – gut wrenching decision. Where I’m currently at is like a family to me. They’ve carried me through so much hardship this past year. They’ve been patient, and wonderful. And needless to say that working from home has been such a blessing. “What can we do to make you stay?” my boss asked when I told him. “You’ve already done everything, and have been so wonderful.”

What have I traded this perfect job for?

I’ll be doing production and account management work for a digital marketing agency. It just happens to be that this is an agency where I tried and tried to score a job with when I first moved to San Diego.

I firmly believe it will also bring me a sense of family since I’m already pretty close to the 2 people I’ll be working with the most.

Major downside? Working from an office. “Don’t even try,” she told me with a smile when I hinted at the benefits of remote work for the agency.

It has been an emotional week. One which made me decide that I will not be making any more decisions until further notice. It’s simply too much.

I need to trust it was the right decision, and not doubt myself. It’s a total leap of faith…


10 thoughts on “Change is Good?”

  1. And always, with your sense of total respect and high quality ethics, you continue to amaze me with your example. You create your own ‘net’ (in which to fall–but notice you never actually do? After all, you are a circus performer at heart. Inspired by your willingness, openness, and your incredibly stellar communication.


    1. I think a big inspiration in my life for ethics and being the best of who we can be are the people I pick in my circle of friends, and you my friend are one of them.


  2. ni one ever promised you a rose garden, but seems like the flowers keep blooming for you. achange has never put you in panick or anxiety mode. You always stream through, creating new avenues

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