My Stay in the Air BnB

My house is tented, we’re killing termites!

I’m staying in a really nice home. Well. The modern kind of home that looks like a new furniture store. It’s lovely. For a catalog. I’m worried about the soul of the home.

It has none.

I can’t help but wonder if this is a home that the owner has vacated for rentals, or if it’s strictly a vacation rental. I really can’t figure that part out.

In my temporary room there is a bookcase. It’s filled with books, and seashells. Not the store bought kind, but the kind of shells that someone spent time gathering at the beach. Piece by piece. The seashells. Not the books. That would be weird.

I just finished reading two Shel Silverstein books. “The Missing Piece” and “The Giving Tree.” Both were gifts from Jules to Joe. I think Jules broke Joe’s heart. She also promised a third book in the collection. The third book is actually a missing piece. It’s not in the bookcase. Unless it wasn’t meant to be a Silverstein trio, or she never gave it to Joe, or it was stolen from a previous guest, or Joe decided to store it elsewhere.

I want to know the rest of the story. Have Jules and Joe rekindled their love? Are they friends? Are they even still speaking? It took them 10 years to break their silence. Oh god, I read notes in the books. Shame on me. I know. The notes were part of the story. Almost. I couldn’t not read them. Or glance at them.

They really were a part of the books. And now I want my own copy. The Missing Piece is sublime! So is The Giving Tree.  I want to know which one was intended as the 3rd gift. She offered one on Valentines Day. The other as a tribute to putting an end to their 10 years apart. I don’t know which was offered first.

The romantic in me wants to turn this into a movie, and hunt Jules down as a personal quest. I have so many questions for her…

Oh yeah, another book on the shelf is “Girls are Weirdos.” This one doesn’t have a note. It’s definitely not book number 3. I seriously doubt Jules would have purchased this for Joe. Maybe Joe bought it to help mend his broken heart?

There is most certainly a story behind the books and the notes!


4 thoughts on “My Stay in the Air BnB”

    1. Where the sidewalk ends is now in my Amazon cart. I’ll look into the other one. I love the simplicity of his takes on everything. (Hi Guap! How’s it hanging???)


      1. I’m livin’ the dream! (As long as the dream involves being unemployed, and not being able to find my dream position, which is lotto millionaire.)


        1. Oh nooooo! As long as you’re unemployed you may as well live where the surf is a year-round possibility! Am I right or am I right? Plus we have a fab writers’ group here 🙂


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