you are not alone

You Are Not Alone

Five years ago I developed an online friendship with a woman I’ve yet to meet in person.

This woman was a fellow blogger. She reached out to her readers for help in making Christmas magic happen for the children in her local mental health care hospital. Her outreach has since then  grown from under 30 kids in her small Ohio community to hundreds and hundreds of children in Ohio.

Today, her outreach has travelled… all the way here – in San Diego.

Last night I hosted a wrap party for 50 gifts to be given to 5 boys in a local care home with the San Diego Youth Services. Forgotten youth… We have no idea what happens under the sunny glittering skies of San Diego.

As we were coming to a wrap (pun intended to fight off my tears) I asked my friends what they thought of inserting a note with the gifts.

The 1st response was the legality of reaching out to them since they are in the care of the State – and their privacy is untouchable. “I want to simply let them know they’re not alone…” I explained.

“Now that would be creepy!” was the following response. We laughed and joked, and ultimately felt confident that our message would be loud and clear with the gifts.

But will it be though?

How many of us have felt so utterly alone in life? How many times have we needed reminders that we weren’t? Be it the kindness of a smiling stranger, a relative, friend, teacher or family member – alone is something none of us will ever be.

Unless we choose it.  Then so be it.

I’m sitting here looking at the bags of gifts, still feeling tormented in knowing we need to do more for our youth. Yet among this turmoil I know this is but a small step, something that will have such a positive impact on 5 boys I’ll never get to meet.

All I can hope is that they will get my message. That they will feel the presence of someone. Somebody out there caring for them. And that this presence will in return give them hope…

To my friends who helped me make this happen, I thank you and I love you. To Tammie who is the mastermind behind all this – I wish you a wonderful Christmas filled with love… and your own need for miracles coming true.

Just know this-you are not alone

For I know I am not alone, I am surrounded with amazing people!

To find out more about Project Believe and its mission, click here.

5 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone”

  1. Your post struck a chord with me this morning. A family in town recently had their world turned upside down. Without divulging too much information, he is in jail, and the mama and three girls are on the long road to recovery. Hesitating, not wanting to open up some of my old scars, I eventually reached out to the mama. She was upset because (out of all things) she wasn’t going to be able to give her girls the Christmas that she wanted. My family quickly pooled together and put together some gifts that we will be dropping off tonight. My conundrum…. I wanted to put a message in each gift bag, letting them know that they are not alone. That not all people are bad in this world, and that they have the strength to rise up past this situation. But should I? Would it be too much of a reminder on what should be an otherwise happy day?


  2. make me cry, as I sit alone in the middle of the night, sleepless in my house, knitting slouch hats for the kids and their friends, I realize I bought much too much yarn, guess I had a brain fart, when I walked by the wool shop and thought I didn’t get enough. Well, now I will make more of these for charity and bring them to place called that distributes to those in need, and may they have a happy smile under my hats, while they keep warm.


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