When your Partner Vibrates!

He scooped me up, twirled me in the air making me feel like a featherlight ballerina.  “Did you feel my wrist vibrating?” he asked as I jumped down to my feet.

“No.”I laughed. “Was I supposed to?”

“You’ve just made me reach my goals,” he told me with the biggest grin I’d ever seen.

“Had I known that, I would have made it much harder for you.” I had no idea what he was talking about. It just seemed like the right thing to say.

I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to know what he was talking about.

Besides, talking went against the rules. Not that I’m prone to following them, but certain rules make sense to me. With Dance Church being a non-verbal experience, I try as best as I can to adhere to that one rule. It’s a golden one.

He showed me his FitBit wristband. Mystery solved: I was relieved.

My dance partner then told me I was ready for contact improv dance. “I think I need to get rid of my glasses for this one,” I replied. And I ran off.  Looking behind me I gave him the international symbol of wait-a-minute waving my index finger. I snaked through the crowd avoiding feet and arms being flung around by precarious dancers to hook my glasses onto my water bottle.  The only safe spot I knew of.

I danced with all the facial expressions I could muster. Per his instruction. And then I threw as much color in my toes as I felt was humanly possible. Again per his instruction. I landed with lightness. You’ve guessed it – per his instruction. As I popped down and saw my reflection in the mirror 1 foot away from me, I wondered who that woman was. And why was she so close to me?

*      *      *

It’s funny what runs through my mind when I’m not wearing my glasses. And when I master the art of getting-out-of-head.

Through dance and movement I connect to something beyond me. For those 2 hours a week I can truly say I do wander outside of my head – and allow my body to guide me through intuition and feeling. My head thanks me for the break. It’s always a welcomed one. And a much needed one.

As I write this I’m realizing I’ll be missing out next week’s dance time. How will I survive without my weekly ritual?

Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine since I’ll be doing what I love best: event production at our national roller derby tournament!



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