Confession of a woman who’s afraid to annoy

Many of my friends tell me they’re following my bold activities via the Boldness Challenge. Many have accepted my invitation to like the Boldness Challenge page. Which is badass.

The Boldness Challenge is simple: take one action per day and share it on social media for 66 days.

The taking an action, for 66 days, is what will solidify you as a badass. According to studies, freedom leads to happiness and boldness & courage is what leads to freedom. According to further studies, it takes 66 days to make something a habit. So that’s the theory on why 66 days of boldness.

The sharing part is for creating a community. By sharing our actions we inspire others to follow suit. We allow people into our lives, we let them see our vulnerable side, and it helps foster and deepen relationships. These are the basic fundamentals to building a community. That’s what we’re also after.

Yet I haven’t been sharing my boldness everyday. I’ve been bold beyond my wildest expectations! My work has me so far outside my comfort zone the growing pains have me wanting to get to bed by 8pm every single day. And I have opened myself up to love with a partner who equals me in dorkiness and who is a solid warm and loving human being. Why haven’t I been sharing my boldness?

I have this deep rooted fear of annoying people. I’m aware that by design, being a loudmouth has me be slightly more annoying than others. I get it. But I tend to tippy toe around my friends and my family to not rock the boat, not annoy, and not bother people.

My boyfriend said it this morning “I’m not people, I’m your boyfriend.” (ohmygod I have a boyfriend!) And then I guess it’s true of my friends and my family: you aren’t “people” you are my loved ones.

My request to you, all of you, is that we create a community of unstoppable and unmessable-with badasses. Let’s unleash our inner rockstars and rock this world!