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My Destiny is Joy

Your destiny is joy too. True story.


I find I am coming out of the clown closet more and more. Continue reading My Destiny is Joy


Pretty Little Lies

Scrolling through the catalog of faces LinkedIn suggests I may know, I am boggled by wonder and questions. Who are these people? And what lies are they hiding? And when was this profile image taken, is it over 5 years old?

“Caused a leak in a most vulnerable and important corporate secret leading to instituting a confidence policy at work.”

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Self Perception and Being Badass

Self perceptionYesterday I made a remark in regards to how the word maroon reminded me of Bugs Bunny. Then I stumbled upon the picture to the left on Pinterest. Then I put the two together. And then I came up with this association.

How do you see yourself, and do you ever wonder how far it is from how others perceive you? Does it matter? Is how we feel inside the most important, or does how others see us influence us so much that it also takes over our own self perception?

I want to know…

Image credits:
1. The roller derby image
2. Bugs Bunny

This, That, and the Other Thing

Things have been hectic.


Oh, so funny. You’re throwing some 60’s talk-show humor my way, aren’t you? Ha ha ha. Such a Jokey Mc Jokester. Well, for your information, things should start to slow down. SHOULD. Another keyword such as coulda-shoulda-woulda. Continue reading This, That, and the Other Thing