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Being Bold. Being Free. Being Happy.

2016 so far has been quite the year. It kicked off solid with a pneumonia. Then a 3-month stint with vertigo reminded me of my own limiting humanity… But things got better. Thanks for Landmark, things actually started to soar.

And then I got laid off. Kind of. For a minute at least. I’ll spare you the details. The important part is the outcome. We, the employees, launched our own marketing agency. We discovered we had wings, and we used them. Continue reading Being Bold. Being Free. Being Happy.


Growth: If Caterpillars Thought Like Humans

Imagine a conversation between caterpillars. Because, this is a natural thing to do right? Give insects a human brain and see where they go with it?

Now let’s say, for making it easy for myself, the caterpillars are called Bob and Joe. Otherwise I’ll have to type Caterpillar 1 and Caterpillar 2 over and over. Bob and Joe is easy to relate to, and it helps make them – the caterpillars – more human. Continue reading Growth: If Caterpillars Thought Like Humans

When your Partner Vibrates!

He scooped me up, twirled me in the air making me feel like a featherlight ballerina.  “Did you feel my wrist vibrating?” he asked as I jumped down to my feet.

“No.”I laughed. “Was I supposed to?”

“You’ve just made me reach my goals,” he told me with the biggest grin I’d ever seen. Continue reading When your Partner Vibrates!

2016: Year of the Monkey

“Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?” 
— Barenaked Ladies

These past few days I couldn’t help but notice how 2015 was a hellacious year for most of my friends. So it wasn’t just me!I knew I was going to be in for a rough ride right off the bat starting the year. I hate to admit it, but I take a certain amount of comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone. Continue reading 2016: Year of the Monkey