Have You Met Me Yet?

But I am loved!

In case it isn’t clear, I’m the one bent over carrying the load. Always the one carrying the load.

The artist forgot to draw in my glasses. Either that or they fell off my face, and bending lower to pick them up would make me drop something.

Heaven forbid I drop that I’m not good enough. Or that I must not make a mistake. Continue reading Have You Met Me Yet?


Trials and Tribulations: Dog Rescue

This entire story makes me so sad.

I have two wonderful friends who roam the streets of Tijuana in search for hurt and abused dogs. When they “rescue” a pup, they get it looked at by a vet and place it in foster while waiting for a permanent home.

I use the term “rescue” loosely. So do they. They’re like the Robin Hoods of mistreated dogs, and have saved many canine lives. Improved many as well. Continue reading Trials and Tribulations: Dog Rescue

When your Partner Vibrates!

He scooped me up, twirled me in the air making me feel like a featherlight ballerina.  “Did you feel my wrist vibrating?” he asked as I jumped down to my feet.

“No.”I laughed. “Was I supposed to?”

“You’ve just made me reach my goals,” he told me with the biggest grin I’d ever seen. Continue reading When your Partner Vibrates!

2016: Year of the Monkey

“Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?” 
— Barenaked Ladies

These past few days I couldn’t help but notice how 2015 was a hellacious year for most of my friends. So it wasn’t just me!I knew I was going to be in for a rough ride right off the bat starting the year. I hate to admit it, but I take a certain amount of comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone. Continue reading 2016: Year of the Monkey

When I grow up I will run away and join the circus…