As I slowly make my way in this world as a writer beyond my cyber house rules, here are links to guest posts and stories I’ve written to be found elsewhere on the internet.

  1. IndieChick Lit: Article About LinkedIn
  2. Bout Recap: LA Ri-Ettes Stomp Out the SD Wildfires
  3. How-to Create an Online Resume: ZipRecruiter
  4. Resume and bio writing: Featured Post on Studio 30 Plus
  5. Travel post: Inside La Cruz
  6. Travel post: Bucket List Publications
  7. Travel photography: Design Balance Function
  8. Tips for dealing with freelance writing insecurities: Emily Suess’s Break Into Freelance Writing Program
  9. Featured article about writing prompts: Studio 30 Plus
  10. Website sport content article: San Diego Derby Dolls
  11. Website sport content article: San Diego Derby Dolls
  12. Website sport content article: San Diego Derby Dolls (and again!)
  13. How roller derby is knocking off multiple items from my bucket list: Bucket List Publications
  14. Guest post: Naked Girl in a Dress
  15. Guest post: According To Jewels
  16. Mother’s Day: San Diego Momfia
  17. Having children and happiness: San Diego Momfia (another one)
  18. A guest post about an embarrassing public shower story illustrated by The Hot Mess Chronicle
  19. More coming soon!

When I grow up I will run away and join the circus…