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Trials and Tribulations: Dog Rescue

This entire story makes me so sad.

I have two wonderful friends who roam the streets of Tijuana in search for hurt and abused dogs. When they “rescue” a pup, they get it looked at by a vet and place it in foster while waiting for a permanent home.

I use the term “rescue” loosely. So do they. They’re like the Robin Hoods of mistreated dogs, and have saved many canine lives. Improved many as well. Continue reading Trials and Tribulations: Dog Rescue


The Boy with the Balloons – Part 2

I started this a few days ago, and got so carried away in the details that I had to make it a multi part series. This is a follow-up to The Boy and the Balloons. But the story isn’t finished. You’ll see why at the end. I also fixed the allocutions hoping to make it clearer when people are actually speaking vs when the boy is thinking to himself. I apologize for any confusion.


The boy slipped easily into his new life. The man and the woman who found him alone in the park just became his newfound parents.

It was as odd and as simple as that. Continue reading The Boy with the Balloons – Part 2