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Take the Challenge

Source: www.livability.org.uk
Source: http://www.livability.org.uk

Twenty six days ago (wait, I have to count) yup, confirmed, 26 days ago I decided to accept the challenge forcing me to seek out what makes me happy.

What the hell am I talking about? It’s the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I’ve agreed to focus on what makes me happy, look for it, and take a moment when it strikes, snap it with my camera (aka my phone) for 100 consecutive days, and then share it on social media with the hashtag #100HappyDays. Boom. Continue reading Take the Challenge


Merry and Bright

May you be true to yourself above all else. Be true to yourself. Be the best of what you can be. Imagine the best person, and start carving yourself into that person. Pick away at the traits, your traits, keep the keepers, and set aside the throwaways.

Stop being a hoarder on bad traits. If you honestly don’t like something about yourself, then just stop doing it. Stop being it. You don’t have to keep carrying that luggage simply because it’s what or who you’ve always been. Continue reading Merry and Bright

The Right to Pursue Happiness

Not the right to BE happy, but the right to chase happiness, or to try to be happy. Try. Nothing more. Just try… I say this is lame.

Trying is defined as an attempt to do, to test, to endeavor, to give it a shot… not to do or to achieve. This means you can lean back and relax in the role of victim and stick to the old beauty of the if’s. Continue reading The Right to Pursue Happiness

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Threshold of Spectacular

Standing on that line between the known and the unknown is so exciting! Palms, as they build sweat, are the first indicators of your thrill. Your heart soon follows with an increased beat. Your body is in touch with everything that surrounds it. You feel the sudden changes in the breeze, and you smell flowers from 30 feet away. The excitement is so palpable, you can slice it with a knife and your smile comes from the depth of your stomach. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Threshold of Spectacular