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Boat Life: Mysteries Uncovered

“You can cook on your boat?” People are always shocked when they realize I have a full kitchen, and make my own meals on the boat. Even more shocked that I actually bake bread when in an anchorage or when they find out we have 2 fridges! One serves more as an ice chest, it’s actually a freezer within an isolated box. It’s in the counter, with a lid we pull off. The other one is a small trailer style fridge in the wall. Continue reading Boat Life: Mysteries Uncovered


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold the Second

Snorkeling and free diving is one thing. Seeing a cave beyond the strong surge of currents and waves and saying “Let’s swim through it!” is another thing. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold the Second

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes (Of a Lizard)

He's the cat's pajamas
He’s the cat’s pajamas

I grew up in Montreal. It may get unbearably hot and humid in the summer, but it’s frigidly cold for the major part of the year. To happen to come across a lizard as I make my way to pay my rent is never anything I could have imagined happening to me.


If you knew me as a kid you would know that crossing this little dude would not go without any extreme emotion on my part. I don’t scream when I see bugs in my home, I just freeze with paralysis. I’m afraid of little critters, and yes – I do believe they could eat me up. Gobble-gobble.


This week’s photo challenge is to show the world how I see things – through my eyes. As I look at this sneaky little critter, and look into his shifty shaded eyes I can’t help but wonder how does he see the world? Did he freak out as much as I did when we nearly collided into one another?

Did he, as I did, want to pull his cell phone from his pocket in order to capture the moment and share it with the world on Instagram? Or did he come home for supper and tell his wife “Oh Midge, you wouldn’t believe the insane woman who nearly stepped on me on my way home from work today! Please make me a Manhattan. And make it a hard one. I’m sober, not thirsty, and my little paws won’t stop shaking. I thought surely I was going to have to grow a new tail. Again.”

wordpressFind plenty of really cool samples on this link. Better yet, join in the fun! Don’t have a WordPress site? What are you waiting for?

A Thing or Two About Life on a Boat

6 people over for supper - the day after
6 people over for supper – the day after

Last night we had 6 people over for supper. I made my mom’s world famous tourtière. That’s french for ground pork and lots of melted lard in a lard based pie dough. That’s also french for oh-my-liver.

This morning I totally debunked the myth about Gatorade and hangovers. I would tell you the result but that would imply I may or may not have had a personal experience with hangovers today. Since I am now linking this site in random job applications, I wouldn’t want my potential employer to think I am a lush. Better keep some things a mystery.

On the topic of mysteries why have I not been snagged yet by the world’s most luckiest of employers?

Why I ask you why?

This picture was the scene in my kitchen before the clean-up fairy stopped by. Sorry. It’s a galley since I’m on a boat. Nerdy boat talkers – shame on you for messing with people’s vocab! Actually I could totally submit this image for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge about background and foreground. In the foreground is the dirty dishes. In the background my cabinet which normally holds the dishes. Notice how empty it is? That’s because everything was dirty. Like an old man’s mind surrounded by Catholic school girls sporting their cute little porn-star short skirts uniform.

Six people. Eating around the same table. In a boat. A sailboat. How can I put this into words? It’s not that it’s tight, our boat is 40 feet so it’s decent in size. But let’s be honest here, it’s not a yacht.

The difference between a boat and a yacht is like a million dollars.

So much dirty dishes. Six people on a boat. Talking and swapping stories about sailing and cruising. Scary stories. Stories to keep you so far away from the water you’d swear to stick  to whores’ baths for the rest of your dry life! Stories about 90′ waves and boats just dropping out of sight. Do you know that when a boat sinks it doesn’t leave a visible trace?

Six people on a boat swapping stories can be a frightening thing even for a fun fearless female like me. Ha!

By the way, the clean-up fairy is myself. I only pretend after the cleaning is done that it was somebody else who did it, or that it got done magically. I pretend I have people who take care of me. I pretend to pretend. Sometimes the pretending gets to be so well done with oodles and oodles of ingenuity I confuse where the line of pretending starts and ends.

Like this post. How does one end a post like this?

***THE END***