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I’ve always felt a bit frayed at the edges. Not that I’m on the brink of falling apart, but more that I’m not so refined. As a kid I much preferred my big sisters’ worn out hand-me-downs over new clothes. Continue reading Frayed.


Silhouette: Sunrise vs Sunset

Can you tell just by looking at an image if it’s a sunrise or a sunset? Do you need to see the setting to know, and judge by the activity, or can you just sense it by the color?

I wonder. Personally I know I much prefer to witness a sunrise than a sunset. Maybe it’s because I’m a glass half-full kind of person, and a sunrise screams new beginnings. Continue reading Silhouette: Sunrise vs Sunset

Weekly Photo Challenge: LetTeRs

Letters… Now I know my a-b-c, won’t you come and play with me! The one thing I could never understand about letters is why in the world, when they invented sign language, did they not invent one universal language? Language, expressed via a collection of letters, is what unifies us as humans.

«More than kisses, letters mingle souls.»
—John Donne

Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: LetTeRs