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Prepare to Be Boarded Young Lady

While riding my paddle board, I crossed a sailboat with 4 men. One of them yelled out a boarding threat (see title).

“But you’ll have to jump in the water to come get me!” was the only quick thing I could come up with in lieu of a smart reply. Continue reading Prepare to Be Boarded Young Lady


Weekly Photo Challenge: LetTeRs

Letters… Now I know my a-b-c, won’t you come and play with me! The one thing I could never understand about letters is why in the world, when they invented sign language, did they not invent one universal language? Language, expressed via a collection of letters, is what unifies us as humans.

«More than kisses, letters mingle souls.»
—John Donne

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1st Leg of the Journey: Puerto Vallarta – Cabo San Lucas

1st LegWe left the beautiful Bahia de Banderas (Bay of Flags) and have started our journey home. The first leg of the journey had us crossing the sea directly through on to Cabo San Lucas. This is the 4th time we do this journey, but the first time that we make a direct line, or travel as the crows fly… It shaved a good 5 days off the trip!

Here’s a little list of what went wrong:

  1. Leonard’s computer would not fire off when we left, not major other than the navigation software with charts is on his laptop. Halfway through the journey it decided to join us in the land of the living.
  2. The fuel pump died just as we were making or way past the Islas Marias (the Alcatraz Islands of Mexico, aka Don’t go near-em Islands)
  3. The starter switch died as we kept testing out the fuel pump: yay.
  4. The bilge pump died: thank god Leonard took a peak in the bilge to notice the boat was filing up with  before we actually started sinking
  5. The dinghy davit holding the dinghy and our solar panels nearly collapsed

What went really well?

  1. It was close, but neither of us got seasick although the 10′ head on swells worked really hard at making it happen
  2. Dolphins gave us a show beyond what the Sea World could ever accomplish – have video footage, can’t wait to share once I finalize the whole movie of our journey
  3. As mentioned above – cutting through the sea saved us an easy 5 days.

For now I will leave you with a video of my last day in Punta de Mita where I happened to paddle board near a humpback whale. You heard me, I was so close to a whale I could have shared a cup of coffee with it.

My Precious: Paddle Board

Credit: Fight Club. Fox 2000 PIctures. Written by Chuck Palahniuk.
Credit: Fight Club. Fox 2000 PIctures. Written by Chuck Palahniuk.

I live on a boat. Space management is a skill that must be developed and handled prior to moving into confined living quarters. In today’s world where self worth is judged on possessions, it’s a hefty challenge to own as little as possible. It’s an ongoing battle. I still want an iPad, a GoPro, a killer strobe for my dive camera, a MacAir, a beach cruiser (that’s a cool-cool bicycle), a car, a puppy, a kayak paddle for my board for when I don’t feel like standing, and a hamburger.

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