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LOVE: My Favorite 4-Letter Word


I love Nancy Sinatra’s song Bang-Bang. Admittedly I never listen to lyrics, yet this song brings images of two lovers who kill each other because their love is too strong. (And now I’m totally re-shaping any impression you had of me.)

I love how I can jump in the water at any given time – the ocean is at my fingertips – for an instant cool down.

I love that when Leo goes anywhere without me he comes back saying how everybody was asking about me. He always tells me how much people love me. Gosh that makes me feel all kinds of good inside.

I love my MacBook.

I love discovering a new blog. It’s like a new world is out there waiting for me to discover. Some bloggers are amazing writers, others have design talents down to a T and most make me laugh out loud crazy. Bloggers are a wonderful fun bunch of people.

I love when accidents happen. Not accidents that involve fastly (since when is fastly not a word – you knew what I was talking about right? Screw you spellchecker) moving cars mind you. But accidents as in stuff that was unexpected and provide the least expected outcomes that end in bursts of laughter – laughs so hard you have to check just in case you pee’d yourself (or sharted yourself).

I love feeling like a trendsetter. I love when I do something, when I’m pretty much the only person to do that new something and then slowly start noticing others in my entourage who do the same thing. Yeah, that’s way cool.

I love my capacity to laugh at my mistakes.

I love how Leo wakes up in the morning and the first thing he does is he smiles at me. I will never get over this. It’s the most awesome way to start a day.

I love the smell of coffee.

And bacon.

I love saying hi to strangers and being hello’d in return with a friendly smile.

I love Trident Bubblemint gum.

I love that I will never grow up.

I love watching the fish light up with bioluminescence at night. It’s like a fireworks display in the water. Beyond amazing.

I love how the best things in life are free.

I love my life even if I’m unemployed and I have no clue whatsoever as to what kind of work I’ll be doing next. (And I know even less about when that “next’ will happen.)

I love when my phone rings and it’s not a wrong number or a telemarketer.

I love walking into a movie theater after randomly picking a movie I know nothing about and it ends up being one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Ferris Bueller anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

I love laughing.

I love the sound of Leo’s voice.

I love when a strange dog walks up to me, wagging his tail and giving me a dog smile and comes and plops his face on my laps. (Laps. I just now learned that although we have 2 legs, it doesn’t give us 2 laps, unless we’re running or swimming… Thanks Aimee!)

I love when a child smiles at me.

I don’t know how to top that last one. Mexican children are fascinated with me. I have blonde’ish hair. This is not a very common thing in Mexico, at least not in this real Mexico where I’m at. They stare at me. Big innocent eyes looking up at me. And I smile and say “Hola!” and then they giggle. They give me the best gift anybody can ask for – a warm smile with hints of admiration.

What do you love?


Bud and Me

Hurricane Bud
Hearing about the oncoming hurricane, we debated over what we should do. Our friends took shelter in a local marina. These are our surfing – paddling – occasional drinking friends from our favored anchorage in Punta de Mita. We figured we’re young’ish, brave’ish, and broke’ish (marina fees = ugh) so we huddled in the bay near the marina, just in case’ish.


I’m scared. I’m trying not to be. But I am. I know the storm shouldn’t hurt us. But still. The waves are rocking the boat making us move. More than I wish. They’re hitting the boat hard enough to sound like an alarming slam.

Heartbeat ≈ 91

The rain stops and starts again. When it stops if feels like everything will be OK. But then the rain starts back up again. And with it comes the wind. The wind is not reassuring to say the least.

Heartbeat ≈ 94

This is my first hurricane. They call it a level 2 or something like that. I guess that makes it a mild one. Mild if you’re on land. In a solid home. Made of brick and mortar. I’m not in such a home. My home has a transmission and it floats.

Heartbeat ≈ 97

We’ve already secured the deck as best as we could. Our boards are safely nestled next to our bed. I get to cuddle with my paddleboard. Our vee birth is filled with cushions, pads, canvases, and seats. Our windows are closed. But some with bad gaskets are leaking and dripping. So am I. It’s hot and humid.

Heartbeat ≈ 105

My at-rest heartbeat is on average in the low 60’s. I’m not really moving, other than my running and clicking fingers on the keyboard. I don’t even need to touch my wrist or my neck. My blood is pulsing so strongly all I need to do is count the beats as they pound away in my chest. I’m shaking. I know it will all be all right because Leo said it would. He promised to take care of me.

Heartbeat ≈ 112 

Make it stop. Please make it stop. Please please oh pretty please let me at least get this post out!

Hurricane Bud hit just South of us. Locals told us this year – there would be no hurricanes. The water is too cold, they said. Any hurricane may form South of here, but will die as they move North, they said.

Bud is the 2nd hurricane to hit East Pacific and we’re only but 10 days into hurricane season. And yes, we’re totally ok. Although I was a bit nervous, this was mainly an almost fictional piece as I tried to best describe an emotion. I will give a piece of candy to the first who can identify the emotion!  ツ

The images of the hurricane are however real and accurate. Freaky hunh?

A Perfect Alignment

It’s like a freeze frame in time

Yesterday as the sun was setting. Something magical happened. Beyond a perfect alignment of the stars which happened on the night I met Leo, there was a perfect alignment of sailboats in my bay. My bay. That’s right. It’s mine and I love it.

Another shot with different treatment. So I took a picture. And then I took more.

Another shot with different treatment.
This was actually the first shot I took of the series…
I just love this view!