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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Threshold of Spectacular

Standing on that line between the known and the unknown is so exciting! Palms, as they build sweat, are the first indicators of your thrill. Your heart soon follows with an increased beat. Your body is in touch with everything that surrounds it. You feel the sudden changes in the breeze, and you smell flowers from 30 feet away. The excitement is so palpable, you can slice it with a knife and your smile comes from the depth of your stomach. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Threshold of Spectacular


Weekly Photo Challenge: Background or Foreground – Who Knows?


Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships.
 Charles Simic

Touch my foot dolphinDolphins. I love them as much as they love to drag race our bow. Here I am sitting by the pulpit, “I find it so odd the names they invent for boat stuff, do you know how many different words there are for rope?” and I have my legs over the side. I am hoping the dolphin will jump up and touch me. Every time he jumps I yell ‘Hi!’ I am like the birds from Where’s Nemo but instead of repeating Mine! Mine! Mine! my chant is Hi! Hi! Hi! Dolphins jump out from the water quite often.

wordpressThe Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. Link up here!

This week’s photo challenge is quite that – challengingIn the Background: Take a picture of yourself or someone else as a shadow, a reflection, or a lesser part of a scene, making the background, or the foreground, the center of attention.

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On Being in the South

I LOVE Shrimp Boats!
I LOVE Shrimp Boats!

Dec. ? – not sure exactly, but it’s Wednesday. I think.

We’ve passed the halfway point between Turtle Bay and Cabo. Turtle Bay is actually the halfway point between San Diego and Cabo. I like working in halfways when it comes to geography and traveling. It seems to make sense and gives me a feeling of moving forward. No matter where I’m at, if I see it as halfway between two spots then I’m closer to something or some destination. Or further away, it depends on how you look at things and if you’re coming or going.

What I love most of being South of Turtle Bay is that we’re not only in Baja California Sur (Baja South) but it’s warmer. Much warmer. Like shorts & sport top. If I were the exotic type I’d probably ditch the sport top. But I’m not the exotic type. I’m French Canadian and I grew up wearing wool socks year round. Oh how I wish I had a sock monkey made of an old grey sock with the red trim…

So, back to me and my shorts and sport top. Lee’s wearing nothing but shorts, or some kind of lycra italian undies. Very sexy. He’s more exotic than I am. If it were a contest I’d declare him the winner in exotic personality profiles. But it’s not a contest and we haven’t got any winners. Or losers. So I guess it’s a win-win so maybe there are winners, but not the kind who bring home a medal. Although we do have each other as trophies. I need to give my head a good shake.

Being South… There’s barely a cloud in the sky, or anywhere else for that matter (ba-boom-boom-tish!) Until the moon rises, the stars do their best to make it nearly impossible to find the big dipper.

I don’t know why but I struggle to rest until I spot the big dipper. That big old lard-ass of the skies…

A rare sign of clouds - red skies at night :)
A rare sign of clouds – red skies at night 🙂

This year’s southbound trek sure is the stellar opposite of last year’s southerly bash. We. Are. Taking. Our. Time. Yesterday was our very first sailing day stretching beyond 8 hours of navigation. And that’s only because we had no other choice! Nowhere to park, ya know? And even then, we almost cruised right on by our anchorage as we both dozed off on autopilot. I saved the day – or night: which is a rare thing. Lee’s The Fixer. I woke up, looked outside, looked at our radar and the GPS and woke up The Fixer “Where are we supposed to anchor?” he blinked a few times “Shit, we passed it!”

Welcome to Cabo!
Welcome to Cabo!

But not by much. We turned and dropped the anchor and slept with vivid and immediately forgotten dreams. Then all we needed was an all-nighter and boom – cruised right into the bay of Cabo San Lucas.

This is pulled from my journal. My journal. I have a journal. Those SarahSeleckyPrompts I’ve been dabbling with have gotten me back into the whole thing of writing by hand. As in putting pen to paper and allowing it to glide making swoops and curves. And dots. Gotta dot those i’s but not those eyes unless you want to poke one out! Writing by hand is the new black.

Killer Day

Los Muertos: I want to live!
Los Muertos: I want to live!

Up until last year when we sailed South my most frightening day ever was crossing to the famous Cedros Island – midway down the peninsula of Baja California in Mexico. That day was dreadful.

Topped that one today I tell ya… *shivers* Today was so friggin scary I actually did utter the magic words “Oh God, please let us survive this!” Yup. I prayed. I openly and out loud prayed. Maybe more than once too. Not sure. But I did in fact pray to the baby Jesus and begged him to let me see the full moon tonight.

I guess I do want to live after all!

We sailed our spinnaker sail. For the third time today ever, we sailed it. And for the third time today, I thought I would die because of it. Or get hurt. Or break something. Like a bone, a neck or maybe my boat.

It started perfectly well. It was in fact sublime. We had a wind, dead behind us, and our sails were useless. Lee said “Let’s try the spinnaker!”

THIS is our incredible spinnaker! Yet deadly...
THIS is our incredible spinnaker! Yet deadly…

“Uh oh.” I was still shaking from our 2 previous attempts. And up he comes the staircase dragging that pretty thing of death.

We hooked that bitch up, pull it up and shazam – it was awesome! Beyond awesome. It parachuted open dead center in front of our boat and we hit speed digits we’d never (ever) seen. We even wen’t beyond 10 knots. Which is insane, trust me. And why wouldn’t you trust me? I’m trustworthy heh heh heh.

Suddenly (after nearly 3 hours of nose bleeding speeds of 8-10 knots) the wind picked up. It PICKED UP! Mega-schmega style! And this beautiful butterfly turned on us and went à-la Hitchcock. It yanked the boat to one side dipping in the water, then boom yanked it to the other side, tipping so far over I stood *STOOD* on the SIDE of the bench!  0_o  And this went on and on and ohmygodIwilldieinthisfrigginboat on.

Look very carefully. To the right is a blue shoe where I initially had both shoes. To the left, behind the stove is where one shoe landed.
Look very carefully. To the right is a blue shoe where I initially had both shoes. To the left, behind the stove is where one shoe landed.

I took a picture of where one of my shoes landed. It wasn’t on me per say, but it needed to leap from one counter to the other, to land 4 feet away tucked between the stove and the cabinet. Ok? I can go on. I so could totally go on with the weird and insane stuff that happened. But I won’t. Because you either:

  1. Would not care.
  2. Would not believe me.
  3. Would be too scared to sleep tonight.
  4. Would ask to see my I.D. (in case you work for for the DMV or the INS or the FDA or the CIA or the KKK)
  5. Why the heck would I ever think of adding those last 3 hateful letters???

We freaked out. Needless to say. We tried loosening both sides. The sail only parachuted more and created a bigger bubble. We lowered the lanyard holding the death bitch up. Bigger bubble. We loosened the sides again. Big bubble. Words were said. Maybe yelled. Prayers were mumbled. Then spoken more clearly. Bits of flesh were lost on the quickly and harshly tugging lines. Rope burns. They suck.

Finally we tossed the coin: it’s us and the boat or that beautiful flapping butterfly. We won. Thank god. And we released first one side then the other. I’m at 530 words and by now the true story has taken over 60 minutes, has brought my heart rate way up and …I don’t know… I realized I had more of a belly than I did last year. Yeah, as I jumped from one side to the next I looked down and saw the bulge. What can I say, I love hot pastrami sandwiches!

Yeah. So long story short (too late) we let go both sides, watched it flop all over the place, then finally let out the top so much it came down to the water, we motored up to it scooped it up and allowed twentyfivethousand gallons of salt water into our cockpit (hee hee I said cock). Oh yeah, and with all this tipping dreadfully from one side to the other a jug of fuel spilled over. Fun! We not only had the threat of laying the boat on its side but now we faced the thought of explosion!

Killer day I tell ya, killer day! Oh and my belly – have I mentioned my belly and how my legs need a waxing?