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Being Bold. Being Free. Being Happy.

2016 so far has been quite the year. It kicked off solid with a pneumonia. Then a 3-month stint with vertigo reminded me of my own limiting humanity… But things got better. Thanks for Landmark, things actually started to soar.

And then I got laid off. Kind of. For a minute at least. I’ll spare you the details. The important part is the outcome. We, the employees, launched our own marketing agency. We discovered we had wings, and we used them. Continue reading Being Bold. Being Free. Being Happy.



“These scientists were doing scientific studies and research stuff on fleas. They kept these fleas in magical Mason jars that must have had some kind of porous substance since they allowed airflow, but there weren’t any holes in the jars. Otherwise, fleas being so minuscule, would have escaped. Not that they hated being observed, poked and prodded by the scientists, but it’s simply in their nature to move from one dwelling to another.”

Continue reading JUMPY THE 3rd