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Another Slice

My last big excursion…

This is it. The final big slice of crossing. My next 60 hours will be cruising up to Ensenada.

This is the scary part – Mexico’s Bermuda Triangle. Winds North of Cedros can be horrendous. This is where we’d encountered our huge storm when we sailed South. It was frightening. For me at least. Well, Leo was scared too. But he doesn’t want me telling you about it. Pride or something like that. Which I have very little of.

According to our internet sources on winds and waves it looks good other than a blob of high winds currently happening but it’s where we’ll be in 24 hours – and it should be fine by then. Fingers crossed. Leo’s getting the boat ready, the motor is heating up and what am I doing? Blogging. At least I’ve got my priorities straight. Again.

p.s. we never did find any Capt Morgan…


I’m Scared and I’m Crossing the Sea of Cortez

Looks calm…

Leavin’ Mazatlan! Trying to sing that to the tune of Leavin’ Las Vegas just doesn’t work well, does it?

I’d show you the wind and wave maps, but… Weird stick figures. Max 2-metre waves coming from the South-West (hitting from the side with that slight sense of discomfort) and winds mainly from the South at 15 knots – tops. Looks good. (Ohmygodohmygod I accidently wrote god instead of good – hope it’s not a sign of who I’ll meet on my way. Goshdamit now I’ve just jinxed it. I may as well just stay here where the prediction for the next 2 months is thunder storm. Daily. Lightning. Sailboat. Long mast. Attracts lighting.  I’mgettingoutofhere NOW!)

I won’t hide it from you – these crossings scare the bejesus out of me. Wish I could tell you how brave I am. Wish I could tell you I’m all calm, cool and collected. Wish I had a million dollars and a golden lab puppy. But – let’s face it: I’m a chicken-shit, frantic, delusional, loca, shaking-in-her-shorts, puppyless, broke, and jobless chick with nice breath (what can I say – I floss daily).

There. I said it.

Sorry to disappoint you. I’m scared. And will be doing what I always do: face my fears yet again. Wish me luck and keep your fingers and toes and eyes crossed for me for the next 48 hours. Hasta la vista baby! (That last sentence is for my Mexican amigos y amigas. Not that they read my blog. They don’t. I don’t think so. Eeek! I’m rambling. I really am nervous aren’t I?)