Book Cover: 1st Draft
Book Cover: 1st Draft

Unique: Story of a Girl began as a 5-paragraph short fiction piece emanating from a simple prompt UNIQUE.

The feedback was incredible. At least for me it was. And then I had a friend read my story. Somebody I knew in real life not just an online blog pal. Three days after she read it she told me Unique was still with her. She kept thinking about her.


But beyond the feedback – this character resonated with me. She really hit home hard (HHH – don’t know why but that made me giggle). We’ve all felt that way, lost and set aside. Normal. Regular. When all we want is to be something different. Unique.

Unique was a regular girl. That was until she died at the age of 15. How did she die? What was her life like growing being the only girl surrounded by brothers?

I don’t want Unique’s flame to fizzle, that would be too common. I’ve registered for this year’s Camp NaNoWriMo – July Edition. Hopefully being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of other wannabe writers will push me all the way. I want to bring Unique to life by telling her story of how she died.


Let’s pretend this is one of those old Disney story books with a vinyl record. Do you remember those? Do you remember Tinker Bell who tinkered her bell to let you know it was time to turn the page? Click on the next number down here to read the story and its add-ons as I discover them. *Tinker-tinker!*

(A HUGE thank you to the kind and rocking people of WordPress who just coincidentally showed us a new trick this week: pages within one post. Click here to find out how to do it!)



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