The Truth About…

Nice blue-purplish sky… THAT hasn’t been SEEN since Saturday

Living on a boat…

  1. The thing is a living breathing creature and it always moves. Always. You know what that means? Yes, when you have sex passers by will never know!
  2. Because it’s always moving, when you’re on real solid concrete land, your body doesn’t believe it, so IT keeps moving. A lot. All the time.
  3. Space is limited. Very very limited. And the ceiling is low above and around the bed since it’s below the cockpit (hee hee, I said that word) so you may want to wear a hockey helmet in the training process.
  4. It’s like camping. It’s like CAMPING, only the tent is moving. Waving. Rocking. Lulling. 
  5. The water pressure thingamajig is loud. Don’t think you can get up in the middle of the night to pee and not wake up your partner, ain’t gonna happen. It’s a loud vibration kinda like a jackhammer under the floor.
  6. There is a constant sound like skin flapping against skin, flap flap flap. Do you really need me to give you examples of what that sounds like?
  7. Water is meant to be below the boat, not above. Those windows you see? Sadly enough they are not all that well sealed. And although Californians like to brag about their wonderful weather, since we took possession and moved into the boat last Saturday: IT HAS NOT STOPPED RAINING!
  8. Which brings me to the next point, when there is a flood and landslides: the boat is the best place to be!
  9. You may want to reduce your drinking. What goes in, must come out. And depending on the size of your holding tank this can be a problem.  It can and it will. And it has…
  10. Best of all, Christmas is a magical time on a boat. A parade of lights on boats is really the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Once I get a real connection I just may load it up on YouTube. I can also honestly say (since this post is called “the truth about…”) that I cried like a baby while I was filming the boat parade. It was so cool. And it was raining and since I rushed out excitedly to capture the moment and didn’t grab a raincoat, maybe the tears were from the chills?

Oh, and look at what The Peachy1 did for me for Christmas!!

Thanks…  me love you long time!



17 thoughts on “The Truth About…”

  1. I particularly love #6. HA! And thank you for that. On my list I actually have “live on a boat for a month” and you've just made it sound perfect..maybe even over the holidays. Thank you.

    Happy Holidays to you Miss Nikki!


  2. I'm sure you'll adjust in no time. Then you'll probably love every second of it (assuming you don't already do).

    Merry Christmas, Nikki!


  3. @ Brian: well, you know when you pull on both cheeks at the same time over and over and over? that! 😉
    @ Oilfield: you know what the difference is between a boat and a yacht? like a million$
    @ boldly: i kinda wanna buy that thing for girls to pee outside? like a funnel but it's pink? yeah, poop deck! I'm with ya!
    @ Cinderita: my body is wavering right now and i'm on land… sigh!
    @ becca: i really hope i can! my new mantra!
    @ Vinny: thanks! and it actually is pretty cool!
    @ Holly: can i subscribe to the dramamine club?


  4. Wow. I had no idea that output is a problem on a boat. I wouldn't like a limited number of pees. That would make me crazy. All the rocking, though… I kinda like it.


  5. I would love to have a big boat like that to spend time on, so if I win the lottery, which uh I do not technically have a ticket for, it is definitely on the lsit!

    Dont think I could do it full time, if for no other reason I pee way too often. Yep I said it. And I get pukey on boats. Yep said that too.


  6. You forgot those San Diego wild fires that you'll be safe from too!

    I asked Santa to bring our sunny SoCal back. So far, so good. (I'm about 2 hrs North of SD and was SICK of the rain too.)


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