Vultures of Change

We slept in what had once been the gymnasium. With the sliding divider pulled out, one side held the infirmary, the other a makeshift chapel. Where we once went for keeping our bodies in excellent physical shape; we now came to die.

What bothered me most wasn’t the sounds of cries and lamentations. It wasn’t the smell of rot and decaying of human waste. It wasn’t even the ferocious flies that buzzed so loudly they collectively sounded like overly charged electricity… It was the vultures. They gathered in a wake outside up above in a frightening Hitchockian way. They knew the smell we wanted to ignore.

It was like everybody and their grandmother being lured to their local K-Mart each Wednesday for the blue-light-specials. “Attention all customers, two-legged-wingless-creatures now being given away in aisle three until further notice!”

I am in aisle three.

Rotting away.

Remember when I wrote to you while sitting in my kitchen sink? I thought I had it bad then.  I cried and cried until my tears dried and hoped for change.

Beware of what you wish for right?

Storch-BadgeBased a sentence pulled from Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale (great book by the way) “We slept in what had once been the gymnasium” this is this week’s Master Class writing prompt.

This is also a combo prompt from Studio 30 Plus “Blue Light Special”


16 thoughts on “Vultures of Change”

    1. A great friend of my childhood passed this week due to a long term battle with leukemia. Sadness has been surrounding me ever since, it’s a good muse just bad for the morale. Thanks though! 😉


    1. I was pretty happy when that thought came to me and it really tied the story to an ending (I always struggle with endings) thank you so much for the comment!


  1. I loved this entire post, but simply can’t leave without mentioning that “I am in aisle three” would make a wonderful name for an album (most likely made by The Sisters of Mercy) based on the above.


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