Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve-Alicious

This week’s photo challenge is CURVES. This word evoques really but one thing in my mind: women. We are loaded with them. Sometimes these curves are extreme:
Big boobies

Shame on me for posting this amazing image above and not researching the artist. This curvalicious and headless female body was done by Nikki de Saint-Phalle. Thanks to FrizzText for point that out to me. I have always been a fan of Nikki’s work, and now I finally have a name to follow. Thanks Frizz for reminding me to truly honor the artist not just their work.

And then there are the times when these curves are something else entirely:

I took these pictures during my first visit to France in 1996. In my memory it was but a few years ago, but look at that digit: 1996. It was eons ago!

p.s. Obviously I forgot what year this was when I watermarked these! And 2013 is half way done! Oh the shame…

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve-Alicious”

    1. When I initially showed that to my mother eons ago she was so grossed out and asked me why in the world would I want to take THAT picture… I told her how I thought it was so beautiful! 😀


    1. I haven’t yet started to look at the others… I assumed there would be more curvalicious types as mine!

      Thanks for your visit… Is yours up yet?


    1. Yes! I loved it instantly. And the sky was electrical, it wasn’t raining but just on the verge of a huge storm… just added to the beauty!


    1. Don’t we all have more than we’d like? It’s what makes us human… And thanks! Have i ever told you how i wish you could join me on my paddleboard photo hikes?


      1. That IS her work… I’m such a fan of hers. Now why didn’t I ever look it up and find out who did all those amazing sculptures? Thank you so much for putting a name on this work. Oddly enough some of the images that come up on a google search are Matisse inspired works. Do you know anything about that?


  1. Ah yes. Curves. Some are more like bubbles. Others 90-degree angles. Certain curves I love. I accentuate. Show off. Hell yes, I show them off. Other curves? Not so much. I try to run them off. Sit-up and push-up them off. Ignore them. Dress them up. Pride has been a hard thing for me to find in myself. I’m working on it.


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