Weekly Photo Challenge: The Real Street Life of Mexico

Mexico has the reputation of being a place where people are randomly shot and killed just for being on the streets.


Bringing home the groceries in Mexico

Fish taco is what's on the menu for breakfast in Ensenanda

In reality Mexico is one of the most naturally peaceful country I’ve ever visited. Butcher shops are open. Open! Right there on the street! If you ever have the chance to witness somebody cutting up an entire animal (I know that sounds grotesque) it is sheer art.

Open butcher shops


From colorful homes to unfinished buildings to avoid paying property taxes, one thing that is never missing is electrical lines!

Vitality through color - Mexican homes



Hanging laundry in Mexico


To the people behind the news and media spreading rumors about being shot down and killed by the cartel in Mexico – in my true selfishness I say keep it up. It allows us lovers of the country to really enjoy walking down uncrowded streets, and witnessing families raising their children without threat.

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis is my 2nd entry for this week’s challenge. Such a fun topic at that: STREET LIFE. View my first entry here.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Real Street Life of Mexico”

  1. Is that Juarez? Are some towns/regions better than others? I’ve heard the same dire warnings about Sao Paolo, but I always wonder if they’re just utterly false, or selectively true.


  2. It’s pretty much the same anywhere else in the world. Modern superstition is what it is. Our brains reinforce prejudice with the exaggerated accounts of events that are, in reality, very rare. Also, everyone has a ‘friend of a friend’ who ‘was there’ when someone got shot in the streets of Mexico. There are countries where it’s really bad. They’re called War Zones. With actual soldiers walking the streets.


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