So Handy

I wave with
my hand,
but he
ignores me.

So I curl
my fingers,
make a fist
and punch
the wall.

The pain
is so
I stifle
my cries
my fist.

33-word Trifecta challenge: Give us 33 words (exactly) that tell us three different uses for one object.

p.s. Lumdog – this is fiction  ツ


38 thoughts on “So Handy”

    1. Takes one to know you, and since YOU rock you can call it out when something rocks. Or something like that. Peach cobbler hunh? Mmmmmm.


  1. Very clever take on the prompt and nice poem. Maybe, instead of punching the wall, it would be less painful if you just extended your middle finger. Just a thought!


    1. Sorry, I didn’t see your little note to me after the poem. Very cute. Even though I hadn’t seen the note, after yesterday’s trauma, I assumed this was fiction.


      1. I ran out of reply options on the other post. And I totally agree – the boxers is a true blogger image (what do you think I’m sitting in right now?) and it’s an inside joke between Leo and I… But they’re usually dirty in our jokes!


        1. BTW, thanks for your kind words on the earlier post. That means a lot coming from a blogging pro and very good writer. You’re really funny too!


          1. Yea. Sure. But first, it would be better if I create a new blog and call it…let’s see, oh, I’ve got it! I’ll call it the New York Times Blog. Then, I’ll re-send my comments from that site.


    1. It does, doesn’t it? I find my stories always need images. Or maybe it’s just that I lack the needed confidence to offer my stories with images. Not sure.


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