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More Naval Gazing

From a pneumonia I shifted into the unsettling dizzies with a bit of vertigo. And by a bit, I mean a lot. It’s as though I’m on a boat. All the time. Wavering. Trembling. Spinning.

Of course after 2 weeks of dizzies I asked Dr Google if it was something even commonly associated to a pneumonia. Dr Google had no answer to my query. I love how I can instantly know if my search is a thing by the suggested popular string of words. It’s like an autofill quest. Just for fun, type in “why is my hair” in a Google search box. Yeah, that’s right. 50% of the population has thinning hair, while the other 50% has either dry or broken hair. Continue reading More Naval Gazing


750 Words a Day?

What was I thinking? I stumbled upon this site (, it emails you daily to remind you of your promise to yourself to spit out 750 words each and every day. Of the year. Of your life. It’s a commitment!

Right now I struggle with commitments. I floss daily. There’s a commitment I can commit to! Do you know psychiatrists and lawyers use that as a question to evaluate the mental sanity of all potential sociopaths?

That last question is entirely false, but I would believe it if it were true. Continue reading 750 Words a Day?